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Breaking The Taboo Against Women Loving Women by Peggy Luhrs Since Persephone was taken from Demeter, aceon online review patriarchal society has done its best to break the bonds between women. Aceon online review Patriarchy demands that women give primacy to men. Aceon online review It implicitly and explicitly forbids woman loving, aceon online review whether this be the love of one woman for another, aceon online review for herself, aceon online review or for her sex. Aceon online review Understanding the nature, aceon online review reasons and uses of this taboo leads to an understanding of the centrality of lesbians to any movement to improve the status of women. Aceon online review I use the example of the Demeter/Persephone myth to underscore the fact that the first bond broken by patriarchy is the mother/daughter bond. Aceon online review That bond is the emotional basis for women loving women. Aceon online review All of us first learn love from our mothers, aceon online review but society has insisted that women deny this bond and give their love exclusively to men. Aceon online review Lesbians are women who have, aceon online review among other things, aceon online review broken these rules. Aceon online review In this male supremacist world, aceon online review all things female are devalued. Aceon online review This is a suicidal course for the race and, aceon online review indeed, aceon online review late patriarchy distinguishes itself by its capacity to annihilate not only the human race, aceon online review but the entire planet. Aceon online review Mother Earth is an entity perceived as female and therefore routinely subject to rape and abuse. Aceon online review This global ideology translates on the personal plane to a taboo against woman loving. Aceon online review First and foremost, aceon online review women are inculcated with a sense of self-hatred. Aceon online review Growing up in a world where things male are overvalued and things female undervalued cannot help but leave women feeling like inferior beings. If a woman somehow escapes this conditioning, aceon online review the first signs of self-assertion will surely bring her lessons in the selfishness and unacceptability of such behavior. Aceon online review Organizing with women, aceon online review as I have for the last fifteen years, aceon online review has convinced me that the most effective stumbling block to our liberation is the internalized self-hatred that comes from living in a woman-hating world. Aceon online review If we have such a hard time valuing ourselves, aceon online review how can we change society's evaluation of us? Women constantly put men first in a way men never do for women, aceon online review no matter how heterosexual they are. Aceon online review Lesbians break the taboo against women bonding and deny the imperative that a man should be the first interest of every woman. Aceon online review For this heresy, aceon online review they are severely punished by the family, aceon online review state, aceon online review church, aceon online review and the priests' heirs, aceon online review the psychiatrists. Aceon online review More subtly, aceon online review their entire existence is erased in the culture. Aceon online review They are labeled unnatural (as are spinsters) and they are said to wish to be men. Aceon online review While lesbians may wish more access to the world (which is considered male), aceon online review they prefer being women. Aceon online review We are not to love ourselves; it is selfish for a woman and self-respecting for a man. Aceon online review We are not to love our sex: that's strident for a woman and normal for a man. Aceon online review We are not to love another woman; that is unnatural, aceon online review perverse and insurrectionary. Aceon online review Men are not to love other men homosexually either, aceon online review because that is perceived as playing a female role and therefore degrading. Aceon online review Lesbianism is the strongest and most overt expression of women bonding we have. Aceon online review The repression of lesbians reflects the degree to which women in general are kept down. Aceon online review Women are socialized in heterosexuality to insure that they continue to see their work as their natural realm, aceon online review so that their unpaid work at home will be mystified. Aceon online review Lesbians contradict this conditioning and challenge the prevailing economic system's use of women. Aceon online review Women usually do the housework, aceon online review even if they work themselves, aceon online review and are expected to be emotionally supportive of men as well. Aceon online review Many conversations with women, aceon online review as well as my own experience, aceon online review convince me this kind of emotional support is rarely reciprocal. Aceon online review Lesbians offer this kind of support to each other and can enable themselves and each other to do other work. Aceon online review Defining women's role as naturally to serve men is the major reason lesbians are labeled as unnatural. Aceon online review Virginia Woolf wrote that men wish women to "reflect them back at twice their size." Lesbians refuse to do this and are disdained for their refusal. Aceon online review Whenever women begin to bond, aceon online review despite their socialization, aceon online review men have done their best to stem the tide of independent women. Aceon online review As Carol Smith Rosenberg points out in her book "Disorderly Conduct": "The years before and after WW I saw women's greatest professional visibility and political activism ... Aceon online review Neither before nor since have women been so political -- and so politically successful. Aceon online review They battled for Peace, aceon online review suffrage, aceon online review child labor and protective labor, aceon online review for birth control and sexual liberation." She then notes, aceon online review "During these same years, aceon online review male politicians, aceon online review aided by male physicians, aceon online review sex reformers and educators launched a concerted political attack condemning female friendships as lesbian and separate female institutions -- educational or political -- as breeding places for 'unnatural' sexual impulses. Aceon online review These attacks constituted an integral part of the 1920's assault on feminists and radicals." This is still going on, aceon online review in ever new and subtle forms. Aceon online review Few political strategies are as old or effective as Divide and Conquer. Aceon online review All dominant groups use it to retain power. Aceon online review In a nutshell, aceon online review this is the basis of the taboo against women bonding. Aceon online review If women were united, aceon online review self-affirming, aceon online review women loving feminists, aceon online review male supremacy, aceon online review with its attendant privilege, aceon online review would quickly collapse. Aceon online review This is not to blame women for their current status. Aceon online review Men have used economic sanctions, aceon online review labeling, aceon online review and all the power of the church, aceon online review state and family to police women into their male defined role. Aceon online review They have used rape and brute force as well. Aceon online review The forces ranged against us are tremendous and it is a tribute to women's amazing creativity that we have survived and progressed despite such odds. Aceon online review The system of heterosexual hegemony is so normative and institutionalized that women often enforce it for men. Aceon online review This is the saddest and perhaps most effective way of keeping women divided. Aceon online review It is the impetus behind this article. Aceon online review As a feminist, aceon online review I know the reasons men wish to label me unnatural and erase my existence. Aceon online review It is much harder to experience the same treatment from women, aceon online review when one knows they are acting against their own ultimate self-interest and the selves of all women. Aceon online review Recently I read the following: "From the beginning of the women's movement to the present day, aceon online review a significant number of homosexual women assumed the leadership in the numerous struggles and ... Aceon online review through their energy awakened ... Aceon online review the average woman to awareness of their human dignity and rights. Aceon online review Considering the contributions made to the women's movement by lesbians for decades, aceon online review it is amazing that the large and influential organizations of the movement have never lifted a finger to improve the civil rights and social standing of their numerous (lesbian) sisters." The date of this quote is 1904! It could be Vermont and the current ERA struggle, aceon online review the situation is the same. Aceon online review Lesbians have done so much of the work in the women's movement and every struggle for women's rights, aceon online review yet their sisters have usually not responded in kind and, aceon online review worse yet, aceon online review have denied or censured lesbians out of their own fear. Aceon online review The right is waging a homophobic campaign against the passage of the ERA. Aceon online review Representing male supremacy, aceon online review they use the same tactics. Aceon online review Homosexuality is a scapegoat issue, aceon online review trotted out to obscure their real agenda, aceon online review which is economic. Aceon online review The money behind STOP-ERA is right-wing money protecting its interest in the heap labor pool that women provide. Aceon online review This is the real issue that so far neither side has addressed. Aceon online review Some of the women in the pro-ERA forces are so lesbian-phobic as to give the right a real advantage. Aceon online review If we are to be beaten with the club of homophobia and our own side holds the same club, aceon online review are we not aiding and abetting the opposition? The right functions on fear and the antidote to that is not defensiveness, aceon online review but courage. Aceon online review I'm proud to be an unnatural, aceon online review selfish, aceon online review strident woman. Aceon online review I recognize those epithets as misogynist censures and tributes to my effectiveness. Aceon online review I'm proud of lesbians. Aceon online review It takes courage to live a life with so little social support and many economic and social sanctions against it. Aceon online review Lesbianism represents one way of replacing the woman bond that patriarchy has done its best to destroy. Aceon online review It is a real achievement. Aceon online review If lesbians can have the courage to live our lives and support the women's movement, aceon online review surely our sisters in the fight for women's rights can have the courage to support lesbians. Aceon online review