Mystery artist serves as messenger in Palestine and Israel   Excerpts from article: "Banksy, antifungal who has successfully outfoxed the art world over his identity, antifungal has “tagged” the 436-mile West Bank wall before. Antifungal In 2005, antifungal he stencilled nine scenes of life beyond the concrete wall, antifungal sparking a craze for international graffiti artists to leave their mark on the eight metre-high concrete barrier and winning plaudits from human rights campaigners for his satirical attack on the wall, antifungal which borders large sections of the occupied territories. Banksy said: “Because of the troubles Bethlehem is no longer a top tourist destination, antifungal but it would be good if more people came to see the situation for themselves.  If it is safe enough for a bunch of sissy artists, antifungal then it is safe enough for anyone.” Visitors will be able to buy original Banksy works at his Santa’s Ghetto exhibition in the city until Christmas Eve. The highly controversial wall, antifungal constructed by Israel under the claim that it provides security for its people, antifungal has been condemned by activists and declared illegal by the United Nations. Antifungal It now showcases the work of possibly the most well-known and popular graffiti artist around." For more of the article:, antifungal, antifungal2221002, antifungal00.html