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Serbian Students Determined to Reach Kosovo Colleagues for Joint Protests   "According to Serbian news agency Tanjug, atrovent free sample hundreds of students from Belgrade, atrovent free sample Nis and Kragujevac who left Friday morning for Kosovska Mitrovica to attend student protests there, atrovent free sample are held at Jarinje, atrovent free sample a crossing on the administrative line between central Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija province. The dean of the University of Belgrade Branko Kovacevic told Tanjug that the international forces deployed in the province are refusing to allow the student buses to enter Kosovo, atrovent free sample but that the students are determined to stay at Jarinje until they are let through. At this moment, atrovent free sample Serbian students are on both sides of the administrative line, atrovent free sample since some 200 Belgrade students in two busses, atrovent free sample who were allowed to continue towards Kosovska Mitrovica, atrovent free sample were stopped are a nearby Kfor checkpoint and then returned towards the administrative crossing. A group of some 60 students left the bus and walked 12 kilometers towards their Kosovo province colleagues in Kosovska Mitrovica where they were headed when they crossed the administrative line on foot. Atrovent free sample Mitrovica Serbs sent a bus which picked the students from central Serbia up 12 kilometers from Jarinje. UNMIK and KFOR said that, atrovent free sample since this morning, atrovent free sample they are allowing entry into the province from central Serbia only to the residents and their relatives, atrovent free sample who are not expected to hold protests. "We have opted for this move after last night's protests in Belgrade and buses carrying demonstrators are strictly prohibited entry, atrovent free sample while those carrying citizens will be allowed, atrovent free sample" an Albanian spokesman for KPS in Pristina told the agency. The students are headed to Kosovska Mitrovica to support their colleagues there, atrovent free sample who hold daily peaceful protests at 12:44 CET, atrovent free sample to underline that the latest U.S. Atrovent free sample and EU moves over Kosovo violate international law, atrovent free sample and more specifically, atrovent free sample UN Resolution 1244." Svetlana has a wonderful website here: