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One of the primary reasons I began my blog was to post and promote information (and hopefully discussion) I believe to be missing on our airwaves and by our corporatized, atrovent online review commericial news media. Atrovent online review I've learned quite a bit since beginning this blog.  I've learned that information gathering must be similar to an archeological dig, atrovent online review minus the dirt. Atrovent online review I've come to see and believe much of our history and day to day news/information is more or less being rewritten to suit a myth or a narrative that seems to be neither historically accurate nor honest.  Perhaps most of us don't know it is happening, atrovent online review and yet we instinctively know something doesn't feel right.   And I believe you're right :) Since the World Cup and somewhat prior to it's taking place in South Africa, atrovent online review I became more interested in knowing more about the history there.  Like my interest which drew me to the Middle East, atrovent online review as I chose to look further into the world of Palestine and Israel, atrovent online review primarily by people I knew and journalists I trusted, atrovent online review and those who had actually travelled or lived there, atrovent online review  I came to know a much different version of Palestine/Gaza/Israel than the stories coming from our US media coverage.  Perhaps I should more accurately say the lack of adequate coverage, atrovent online review unless it was essentially material promoting Israel, atrovent online review which for years I without question believed and accepted simply as fact.   The Israelis were the good guys and the Palestinians were the terrorists. Atrovent online review   End of story. And for many of us that is where we leave it. Atrovent online review   However, atrovent online review I think when we come to realize there is more beneath the surface, atrovent online review and how such information is affecting us in the long run, atrovent online review and how it has in many cases, atrovent online review already affected us, atrovent online review like our tax dollars for decades continually making their way to Israel while our infrastructure here in America is falling apart piece by piece and job by job, atrovent online review we begin to take note. Atrovent online review   One hopes. Atrovent online review It's been interesting as well to venture even further south and learn more about a world far away from ours and yet perhaps those living there have been experiencing a governmental break down and corrupting of their offices as we are here in the states, atrovent online review  or will be coming to experience if we don't pay better attention and look a little more closely at the dynamics in play. Atrovent online review   Many of us have heard the term "apartheid" so much, atrovent online review but do we really have any idea and accurate knowledge of what has really happened in South Africa, atrovent online review and morever, atrovent online review from those who have actually lived there and experienced it first hand?    Is the picture and the portrayal (like in the Middle East, atrovent online review lack thereof*) being promoted by our media an accurate portrayal of what has occurred in South Africa, atrovent online review and/or Africa in general? Has our media in any formidable way exposed the over 3500 murders of white South African farmers being fueled by those seemingly wishing to keep South Africa further destabilized and in continual fear and apprehension?   On another side note, atrovent online review there happens to be a plethora (at least there used to be*) of natural resources and minerals in South Africa, atrovent online review not to mention of course the wild life and tourist industry there. Atrovent online review It's a very valuable piece of the African continent to be sure.   Could someone be benefitting from all the chaos and intentionally driven racial divides? Perhaps a question worth asking? One might question at some point the one sidedness of such media coverage, atrovent online review the absence and censorship of the killing of white farmers in South Africa and Zimbabwe.   We heard the news of the bludgeoning murder of an extremist man named Eugene Terreblanche - a man who perhaps deservedly so, atrovent online review was so quickly vilified and demonized as being a "white supremacist" and "Nazi".  He was characterized with so many unflattering accusations, atrovent online review there quickly became no interest and I assume no time or need to pursue more of the facts behind the bludgeoning murder any further.   He was simply a racist and a Nazi, atrovent online review  so move on, atrovent online review nothing more to know.   Or was there?     Much more importantly, atrovent online review what about the thousands of others, atrovent online review who for generations took such great pride in their farms, atrovent online review their families and their lives and were targeted and savagely murdered along with their families and in many cases their animals as well, atrovent online review for no reason other than they were South African farmers who happened to be white?   Where are their stories?   Have you heard any?  I haven't. Atrovent online review Why the absence such individuals and media promotion of such extremists like Eugene Terreblanche? The media has attempted to become the highly dysfunctional parent who tells us what to believe, atrovent online review  who to believe, atrovent online review  what we should believe is bad and what we should believe to be good. Atrovent online review   And, atrovent online review as a friend of mine in the media once told me, atrovent online review the "media is trained to guide us where we are being TOLD to look, atrovent online review however that's not where we SHOULD look." I have to say it was interesting when I recently attempted to post an article about a South African genocide against the White Farmers, atrovent online review it was immediately deleted for potentially being "racist". Atrovent online review   So is murder against whites now a reverse form of racism that cannot be discussed?   I have to laugh at the irony.  Says who? Whatever the case, atrovent online review I believe as with other issues, atrovent online review the issue of the South African farmer and the fear that must remain with them daily, atrovent online review  is one which has remained neglected and censored by media outlets, atrovent online review and I believe the truth of what is happening in South Africa is, atrovent online review like with many other elements of our history, atrovent online review not being accurately told or adequately addressed by the media at large. Atrovent online review I also believe there are people who utilize power to fuel divisions and hatred between those of different color, atrovent online review different religious convictions, atrovent online review beliefs and backgrounds and somehow seem to be profiting from such destabilizing, atrovent online review toxifying methods.  It's been used in almost every country over the centuries, atrovent online review and will probably continue to be utilized, atrovent online review until hopefully individuals awaken to such divisive actions and trickery being enacted.  And what is the truth?   I'm not sure, atrovent online review but I'll believe the people who live in the areas, atrovent online review like South Africa and Palestine and every place under seige, atrovent online review who need their voices heard irregardless of their ethnicity, atrovent online review religious affiliations or backgrounds. Atrovent online review Like all of us, atrovent online review they wish to have a life of enjoyment, atrovent online review family, atrovent online review community and peace, atrovent online review and instead many are existing under a constant fear of being attacked and assaulted.  These are the people I'll believe, atrovent online review and I'll share their stories and the information I believe to be most accurate.   The Killing and Assaults on White Farmers in South Africa [FarmMurdersMonumentSouthAfricaPietersburg[2].jpg] Over 3, atrovent online review000 have been killed since 1994.   The ANC is accused of fanning the hate. Dan McDougall in Ceres, atrovent online review Western Cape THE gunmen walked silently through the orchard. Atrovent online review Skirting a row of burnt-out tyres, atrovent online review set ablaze months earlier to keep the budding fruit from freezing, atrovent online review they drew their old .38 revolvers. Inside his farmhouse Pieter Cillier, atrovent online review 57, atrovent online review slept with his 14-year-old daughter Nikki at his side. Atrovent online review His 12-year-old son JD was having a sleepover with two teenagers in an adjoining room. As the intruders broke in, atrovent online review the farmer woke. Atrovent online review He rushed to stop them, atrovent online review only to be shot twice in the chest. In his death throes he would have seen his killers and then his children standing over him, atrovent online review screaming and crying. The attackers, atrovent online review who were drug addicts, atrovent online review simply disappeared into the night. Atrovent online review Cillier’s murder, atrovent online review at Christmas, atrovent online review was barely reported in the local press. Atrovent online review It was, atrovent online review after all, atrovent online review everyday news. Death has stalked South Africa’s white farmers for years. Atrovent online review The number murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994 has passed 3, atrovent online review000. In neighbouring Zimbabwe, atrovent online review a campaign of intimidation that began in 2000 has driven more than 4, atrovent online review000 commercial farmers off their land, atrovent online review but has left fewer than two dozen dead. The vulnerability felt by South Africa’s 40, atrovent online review000 remaining white farmers intensified earlier this month when Julius Malema, atrovent online review head of the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) youth league, atrovent online review opened a public rally by singing Dubula Ibhunu, atrovent online review or Shoot the Boer, atrovent online review an apartheid-era anthem, atrovent online review that was banned by the high court last week. Malema’s timing could hardly have been worse. Atrovent online review Last weekend in the remote farming community of Colenso, atrovent online review in KwaZulu-Natal, atrovent online review Nigel Ralfe, atrovent online review 71, atrovent online review a dairy farmer, atrovent online review and his wife Lynette, atrovent online review 64, atrovent online review were gunned down as they milked their cows. Atrovent online review He was critically injured; she died. That same day a 46-year-old Afrikaner was shot through his bedroom window as he slept at his farm near Potchefstroom. Atrovent online review A few days later a 61-year-old was stabbed to death in his bed at a farm in Limpopo. The resurrection of Dubula Ibhunu, atrovent online review defended by senior ANC officials as little more then a sentimental old struggle song, atrovent online review has been greeted with alarm by Tom Stokes, atrovent online review of the opposition Democratic Alliance. Atrovent online review He said the ANC’s continued association with the call to kill Boers could not be justified. “Any argument by the ANC that this song is merely a preservation of struggle literature rings hollow in the face of farming families who have lost wives, atrovent online review mothers and grandmothers, atrovent online review” he added. He was supported by Anton Alberts of the right-wing Freedom Front Plus party: “Malema’s comments are creating an atmosphere that is conducive to those who want to commit murder. Atrovent online review He’s an accessory to the wiping out of farmers in South Africa.” Rossouw Cillier, atrovent online review Pieter’s brother, atrovent online review bristled as he pointed to the bullet holes in the panelled kitchen of the farmhouse near Ceres in the Western Cape. Atrovent online review “They shot him through the fridge from the back door — the bullets came straight through here, atrovent online review into his heart. Atrovent online review He never had a chance, atrovent online review” he said. A successful apple and pear grower, atrovent online review he believes his community is living on borrowed time: “More white farmers have been killed than British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Atrovent online review Yes, atrovent online review we are at war here.” His brother’s farmhouse is now shuttered and empty. Atrovent online review “I can’t spend time here. Atrovent online review We’ll have to sell. Atrovent online review This farm has been in our family for generations but it must go. Atrovent online review Who’ll manage it? The children will never come back here. Atrovent online review They held their own father as he died in front of them. Atrovent online review Will they ever get over that?” As we walked across the orchard, atrovent online review fruit destined for the shelves of Tesco and Sainsbury’s in the UK was still being picked. Atrovent online review A tractor passed a 10ft cross erected in honour of the murdered farmer. “It lights up at night, atrovent online review” Rossouw said. Atrovent online review “My brother was a religious man. Atrovent online review It’s all that’s left of him here.” Across South Africa many farmers feel endangered. Atrovent online review In Northern Province a tribute has been created beneath an enormous sign with the stark Afrikaans word “plaasmoorde” — farm killings. Atrovent online review Thousands of white wooden crosses have been planted across a mountainside, atrovent online review one for each fallen farmer. Recently the government’s department of rural development has been airing proposals to nationalise productive farmland as a “national asset”. Atrovent online review Critics claim it is designed to deflect criticism from the ruling ANC’s failures. “It’s a lot easier talking about nationalising farms than building decent houses, atrovent online review making clean water come out of taps or honouring promises to redistribute farm plots to millions of landless poor, atrovent online review” said a spokesman for AgriSA, atrovent online review the farmers’ union. On the outskirts of Ceres there are few groceries in the township store — tins of pilchards, atrovent online review baked beans, atrovent online review some dried biscuits. Atrovent online review A group of teenage boys sit on the burnt-out remains of a Ford Escort. Atrovent online review This is where Cillier’s killers gathered, atrovent online review in a shebeen, atrovent online review a drinking club, atrovent online review where they fortified themselves with cheap hooch before they set off to rob him. Atrovent online review They escaped with nothing. According to Rossouw Cillier the most telling detail is that his brother was unarmed when they attacked. Atrovent online review “If we brandish a weapon, atrovent online review we’ll go to prison, atrovent online review not them. Atrovent online review What did they gain from this murder? It was an act as pointless as their lives.” Original source: