The fears of Princess Diana were kept secret, benzthiazide her inquest heard Steve Bird / London Times   A legal document proving that Diana, benzthiazide Princess of Wales, benzthiazide feared that there was a plot to kill her in a car crash was kept secret for six years by Britain’s most senior police officers, benzthiazide her inquest was told yesterday. Benzthiazide Lord Mishcon, benzthiazide the Princess’s lawyer, benzthiazide went to Scotland Yard nearly three weeks after her death to reveal that she had held a confidential meeting with her legal team two years earlier to record her suspicions that her life was in danger. Benzthiazide But Sir Paul Condon, benzthiazide then the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, benzthiazide now Lord Condon of Langton Green, benzthiazide and Sir David Veness, benzthiazide then the Assistant Commissioner, benzthiazide Special Operations, benzthiazide decided not to hand Lord Mishcon’s memo listing the Princess’s concerns to French detectives, benzthiazide English coroners or even the Lord Chancellor. Benzthiazide Instead, benzthiazide the evidence was sat on for six years because the policemen decided the death was a “tragic accident”, benzthiazide Sir David told the High Court in London. Benzthiazide More of the story at :