Brufen Retard

Days of Grease and how they apply today..... null                                                                         Recently I've been thinking of an old, brufen retard dear friend. Because of a series of events which continue to present themselves in my life, brufen retard I've been thinking about "Sandy". Actually her name is not Sandy, brufen retard but that's the part she played in our production of "Grease".  I played the part of one of the Pink Ladies, brufen retard  Jan. The summer of 1985 was a memorable one. My father had passed away that April, brufen retard and in many ways that summer was one of sadness and grieving, brufen retard along with conversely some wonderful memories of the opportunity of being cast in some great productions. Summer stock as with any small community can be an interesting one. Like any small community, brufen retard and one that has proven to be competitive as well as caring, brufen retard there are a variety of personalities and perspectives, brufen retard and of course, brufen retard there are the politics. However, brufen retard despite any personality problems, brufen retard fatigue, brufen retard hangovers, brufen retard deadlines, brufen retard the shows were up and running and done so in a very professional manner. As with any community, brufen retard especially one where competition resides, brufen retard interesting dynamics and power plays would (and will) inevitably occur. We, brufen retard as a group of young students performing in Summerstock theatre, brufen retard  were not immune to such situations. It doesn't lose irony that the situation I write about was prompted by the girl playing Rizzo who began directly and indirectly fueling her hostility and aggression towards my friend who happened to be  playing the lead, brufen retard Sandy. The girl playing Rizzo could be said to have had many of the characteristics of Riz off the stage as well. A complex, brufen retard funny, brufen retard passionate, brufen retard sexy, brufen retard alpha female, brufen retard "Rizzo" was also known to be fiercely competitive and for whatever reasons, brufen retard which have remained inexplicable to me, brufen retard decided to engage in a sort of covert campaign against Sandy during the rehearsals and performances we played. Looking back I tend to think it was simply because she was immersing herself, brufen retard quite heavily, brufen retard into her role. However, brufen retard her tactics and choices created unnecessary problems and damage, brufen retard at least at the time. It created divisions and alliances between others as well. I remember feeling very powerless and conflicted at the time, brufen retard wondering how to respond, brufen retard how to defend her against all the whispering which I didn't even fully understand and/or was not privy to such conversations. I remember Sandy walking into our room after rehearsals, brufen retard silent and hurt, brufen retard but she never said anything. That was her style.   And I instinctively knew not to approach her or provide any "sympathy". Sandy was a person of enormous pride and self-awareness. She didn't need or have time for anyone's sympathy, brufen retard or for that matter, brufen retard anyone's petty gossip and insinuations. Brufen retard To sum it up, brufen retard Sandy was more mature and evolved than the majority of us. There were the nights during the production she would take long walks out in the corn fields. It's Iowa remember. I was always extremely relieved when she returned - the corn fields are a place where one can all too easily get lost. However, brufen retard Sandy always found her way through the corn fields and eventually through the situation that we would later laugh about, brufen retard but not without the realization of what individuals are capable of inflicting from whatever pain/perceptions they hold in their hearts. Today what I remember had little to do with the production of a show. Today I remember my friend Sandy who was a grown up, brufen retard even though she was only eighteen.   When she was the first of our friends to marry, brufen retard and the last one we expected to because of her independent nature, brufen retard I sang at her wedding.    I was honored. The past few days I've thought about calling her. I would like to channel the dignity and poise I continued to witness in that young girl who I saw as a mentor. While compassion and conviction often seem to be too huge to carry at times, brufen retard  qualities like temperance and reserve are necded especially when situations and individuals actions elude. Sandy had the ability I've seen in only a very rare few - to remain true to herself and her convictions and additionally detach from situations, brufen retard whispers, brufen retard innuendo that at that time at Okoboji were swirling and simmering. It seems my nature to understand situations is being broadsided by the reality there are situations that we simply shouldn't attempt to understand, brufen retard at least at the time they are present in our lives. My own "summerstock" experience has lasted a much longer time than a summer. Since moving to California, brufen retard finding a freedom and an independence has come with a cost. While it has been imperative for my own growth and maturity, brufen retard it has also placed me in positions with some family members and those in powerful places that I frankly would not have thought to ever adequately anticipate. I've learned many things. I'm learning the value of insight and the art of discernment. I've learned that people see what they see and additionally they say what they want to say. I am no different in that regard and as such am a student as is everyone else. However the importance is in the realization that we all are both students and teachers to each other. Some choose to realize that, brufen retard others may choose to exploit it. Its a choice we all make. Today I remember Sandy's poise, brufen retard self-respect and inner strength during what was a turbulent moment years ago. I've been reminded by friends recently that others will make choices by their own perceptions, brufen retard judgements, brufen retard and/or agenda.  I can choose how to respond, brufen retard or likewise, brufen retard not.