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Mother Wants Explanation for Son's Death in Iraq TEXAS CITY, buy anabol amp online Texas (AP) - The mother of a soldier who died in a Baghdad vehicle accident weeks after co-writing a New York Times op-ed piece -- wants the Army to explain his death. The August 19th editorial co-written by 28-year-old Sergeant Omar Mora was critical of the Pentagon's positive assessment of the Iraq war. Mora, buy anabol amp online who grew up in Texas City, buy anabol amp online enlisted after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Olga Capetillo says she wants to know details of how her son died Monday. Capetillo said that in the weeks since writing the piece with six other active duty soldiers, buy anabol amp online Mora had seemed depressed and withdrawn. Mora and co-authors Sergeant Yance Gray of Ismay, buy anabol amp online Montana, buy anabol amp online died in the vehicle accident -- along with five other U.S. Buy anabol amp online soldiers and two detainees. The single-vehicle accident also wounded eleven other soldiers and one detainee. The military did not mention hostile fire when referring to the accident.