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 Israel Bans Popular Struggle Leader From Traveling Eyad Brunat - Photo By IMEMC 2010 Eyad Burnat, buy ansaid no rx required a leader in the popular struggle against the Israeli wall, buy ansaid no rx required was banned by Israel’s military from crossing the West Bank borders into Jordan on Saturday. Burnat is head of the local committee against the wall and settlement in the central West Bank village of Bil’in. Buy ansaid no rx required The villagers of Bil’in have been organizing weekly anti wall protest since five years. “This just another episode of Israel’s aggression on us, buy ansaid no rx required soldiers detained me for three hours and then told me to go back, buy ansaid no rx required when I asked them why they said for security reasons.” Burnat told IMEMC. Burnat was going to tour a number of E.U countries to give talks about the Palestinian nonviolent popular struggle against the Annexation Wall in the West Bank. Bil’in villagers started their nonviolent protests against the Wall; and the legal proceedings managed to get the Israeli Supreme Court of Justice, buy ansaid no rx required to order a re-routing of the wall section built on Bil'in's land. Buy ansaid no rx required Due to the ruling, buy ansaid no rx required the villagers got back 275 of the 600 acres Israeli was planning to use to build the wall. Israeli troops stepped up attacks against community organizers starting February of last year; since then the military detained five popular committee organizers from Bil’in village. Despite the non-violent nature of the protesters, buy ansaid no rx required the Israeli army often respond with violence . Last year the army killed local activist Bassem Abu Rahma after shooting him in the chest with a high velocity tear gas bombs. Original article can be found at: