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Great excerpt from write up today from Joseph Cannon's blog at:


Who writes the rules of reality?


"In order to tell this story properly, buy astelin online we will first zoom in for a couple of close-ups. Buy astelin online

Then we will pull out for the larger picture.


The Israelis lobbed phosphorous at a UN food storage facility. Buy astelin online Obviously, buy astelin online this was done in order to starve the Palestinians -- just as the entire Gaza operation was ginned up in order to make life there unendurable.

Yet the Israelis try to convince us otherwise. Buy astelin online

That UN facility wasn't targeted. Buy astelin online

The IDF was simply returning fire:    Israel's prime minister, buy astelin online Ehud Olmert, buy astelin online said the military fired artillery shells at the UN compound after Hamas militants opened fire from the location, buy astelin online a version of events John Ging, buy astelin online director of Unwra in Gaza, buy astelin online rejected as "nonsense"

Mr Ging said Israeli shells first hit a courtyard filled with refugees, buy astelin online then struck garages and the UN's main warehouse, buy astelin online sending thousands of tons of food aid up in flames. Buy astelin online

Later, buy astelin online fuel supplies ignited, buy astelin online sending a thick plume of smoke into the air.

"It's a total disaster for us, buy astelin online" said Mr Ging, buy astelin online adding that the UN had warned the Israeli its shelling put the compound in danger.

It all comes down to a game of "Who do you trust?"

It's the word of Olmert versus the word of the UN officials on the ground.


The megaphonies (discussed in earlier posts) have invaded No Quarter in a big way. Buy astelin online (I hate to admit it, buy astelin online but Johnson's coverage of the Gaza atrocities has been quite good.)

The plants are so obvious that the reader may think that he has entered an arboretum. Buy astelin online


The residents of Gaza are not starving - the Israeli government has consistently allowed food aid. Buy astelin online Has the food been getting to the people?

That’s another story, buy astelin online because Hamas or whatever Palestinian leadership has been on the ground cuts off food, buy astelin online water and electricity to their own people and blames it on the Israelis, buy astelin online and then distributes it through black market networks and favouritism.

Israel consistently warned civilians well in advance of any bombing near them. Buy astelin online

They did this by dropping leaflets and making phone calls...

And so forth. Buy astelin online

Pure crap, buy astelin online all of it. Buy astelin online

Fortunately, buy astelin online other NQ readers did much to set the record straight.


I've noticed one telling fact about all of the pro-Israel commentary peppering the blogs. Buy astelin online No independent evidence is ever cited.

Pro-Israel writers get their "facts" from sources which trace back, buy astelin online ultimately, buy astelin online to the government of Israel itself.
None of their facts ever come from the United Nations, buy astelin online from the Red Cross, buy astelin online from Oxfam, buy astelin online from Amnesty, buy astelin online from independent journalists.

Why is that?

Why are virtually all reports from independent sources consistently at odds with the "reality" that the Israelis want us to accept?


It's just that simple.

At least, buy astelin online so the Israelis and their Jewish supporters in America would have us believe.

Any person or organization which tells the world uncomfortable facts about the treatment of the Palestinians (or the Lebanese) stands accused of bigotry. Buy astelin online In order to take the Israeli apologists at their word, buy astelin online you have to accept the ultra-paranoid view that every gentile is a Nazi at heart.

For example, buy astelin online when Amnesty published a damning report on the scurrilous invasion of Lebanon, buy astelin online Amnesty was accused of being anti-Jewish:

    Abraham H. Buy astelin online Foxman, buy astelin online ADL National Director called the Amnesty International report, buy astelin online “bigoted, buy astelin online biased, buy astelin online and borderline anti-Semitic.”

    He added that, buy astelin online “Amnesty International has a longstanding pattern of rushing to judgment to stigmatize Israel..."

Let us now turn to the Red Cross, buy astelin online which reports that the IDF has prevented the rescue of starving Palestinian children.

How do Israelis and American Zionists (Jewish and Christian) manage to block out this unwelcome information?
They presume that the Red Cross is a steaming nest of Hitler-adoring anti-Semites.

The afore-linked discussion also categorizes Doctors Without Borders as "Jew-Hating."

Israeli apologists have actually gone so far as to accuse all -- I'm not kidding: all -- non-governmental humanitarian organizations, buy astelin online including Oxfam and Christian Aid, buy astelin online of being party to the Great Anti-Semitic Conspiracy.

The network of non-governmental organizations that claim to promote human rights and humanitarian agendas, buy astelin online and are centrally involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, buy astelin online often use antisemitic themes and images in their campaigns.

Some of these reflect classical antisemitism, buy astelin online while other cases involve the singling out of Israel, buy astelin online double standards, buy astelin online obsessive condemnations of responses to terror, buy astelin online campaigns for boycotts, buy astelin online divestment, buy astelin online and sanctions..."

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