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Criticize Israel - lose your funding. Group loses funding due to position in Middle East OTTAWA — Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says a Canadian church-based group lost its federal funding because of its position on the Middle East. Speaking at a forum in Israel, buy cee extreme cod Kenney cited the decision to cut funding to KAIROS as an example of one of the steps the Conservative government has taken to fight anti-Semitism. “We have de-funded organizations, buy cee extreme cod most recently like KAIROS, buy cee extreme cod who are taking a leadership role in the boycott, buy cee extreme cod” Kenney said in a speech Wednesday. However, buy cee extreme cod news that their funding wasn’t renewed because of their position on the Middle East came as a surprise to KAIROS, buy cee extreme cod which says Kenney has his facts wrong. “It’s incorrect and if in fact the decision was a political one then that is very disturbing for the integrity of Canadian aid, buy cee extreme cod” said Mary Corkery executive director of KAIROS, buy cee extreme cod a church-based non-governmental organization that represents some of Canada’s largest religious denominations. Corkery, buy cee extreme cod who said she was shocked by Kenney’s comment, buy cee extreme cod said her group has been critical of some of Israel’s actions but has not supported a boycott. On Nov. Buy cee extreme cod 30, buy cee extreme cod after positive assessments and 35 years of federal government funding for its work on international social justice, buy cee extreme cod KAIROS was told its funding wouldn’t be renewed. International Development Minister Bev Oda said the Canadian International Development Agency is refocusing its resources and KAIROS’s proposal didn’t meet its new priorities. Buy cee extreme cod Oda’s office didn’t comment Thursday on what Kenney told the audience in Israel. Kenney’s office pointed to critical comments made by an Israel-based group. The NGO Monitor said KAIROS is a “main supporter of the anti-Israel divestment movement in Canada, buy cee extreme cod” and gave a $25, buy cee extreme cod000 grant in 2007 to Sabeel, buy cee extreme cod a Palestinian NGO whose leader “employs anti-Semitic themes and imagery.” Kenney’s office also pointed to a 2006 press release from B’nai Brith and Canadian Christian College president Charles McVety calling on CIDA to stop funding KAIROS. Original article can be found at: