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‘Granny D’ Pushes Politics of Love

by Larry Mitchell

Surely one of America’s oldest political activists, buy cheap vitaliq online Doris 'Granny D' Haddock is renowned for promoting her cause by walking across the country when she was 89. Buy cheap vitaliq online 0410 03

“A century ago, buy cheap vitaliq online the ordinary people of America joined together to tie down this giant, buy cheap vitaliq online” she said. Buy cheap vitaliq online “The robber barons remained tied down for a time. Buy cheap vitaliq online Now, buy cheap vitaliq online loose again, buy cheap vitaliq online these giants have taken over the television networks and most of our newspapers.” The new philosophy, buy cheap vitaliq online which she called “neoliberalism, buy cheap vitaliq online” creates wars and drains money from vital government functions, buy cheap vitaliq online like police, buy cheap vitaliq online fire protection, buy cheap vitaliq online schools and health care, buy cheap vitaliq online she said. Haddock suggested Americans are “drones” who go to work each day, buy cheap vitaliq online watch television each night to “receive instructions on what to buy, buy cheap vitaliq online” then go to sleep to rest up so they can work long hours the next day. “That’s not freedom by any name, buy cheap vitaliq online” she said. There are “two kinds of politics in the world, buy cheap vitaliq online” she said. Buy cheap vitaliq online The “politics of love” and the “politics of fear.” Haddock said she believes in Ghandi’s message that “you have to take on the burden yourself — don’t ask anyone else — you have to do it yourself.” More of the article can be found here: