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What is History? The subject of 'History' is looked upon similarly like that of science. Buy clozaril online   We seem to accept “historical facts” as quite simply that - fact. But are historical facts, buy clozaril online truly factual? How do we know? Who writes our history?   The term "history"  in and of itself creates a significant impact on our beliefs and how we perceive events and their outcomes, buy clozaril online and additionally it influences how we view life patterns and perspectives.   A friend of mine asked a wonderful question the other day over dinner. Buy clozaril online   What is history?   Good question.  What happens when history is distorted and/or is blatantly incorrect as it often can be, buy clozaril online especially when events are used to promote war-time propaganda? The subject could be addressed in a myriad of ways, buy clozaril online books, buy clozaril online thesis projects, buy clozaril online etc.   I guess one way to decipher historical accuracy is to question its veracity.   In other words, buy clozaril online I'm not exactly sure how to answer what history is, buy clozaril online perhaps it's better to address what it is not, buy clozaril online at least for now. Buy clozaril online Here is an example I came across some months ago which I had actually forgotten for the time being.  Do you remember, buy clozaril online as I do, buy clozaril online  learning in history class and via our history books that Olympic runner Jesse Owens was rebuffed by Hitler who supposedly did not shake his hand because Owens was black? This was not the case apparently, buy clozaril online as testified by Jesse Owens himself, buy clozaril online who held an original picture shaking hands with Hitler, buy clozaril online which he was said to have carried in his wallet. Buy clozaril online Adolf Hitler 'did shake hands with Jesse Owens' A veteran German sports reporter has claimed that Adolf Hitler did in fact shake hands with black US athlete Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Jesse Owens: Adolf Hitler 'did shake hands with Jesse Owens' At the time, buy clozaril online it was reported that Hitler had stormed out of the stadium furious that Owens, buy clozaril online who had just run his way to the first of four gold medals in the 100 metres, buy clozaril online had beaten his Aryan sportsmen.

However, buy clozaril online Siegfried Mischner, buy clozaril online 83, buy clozaril online said that Owens carried around a photograph in his wallet of Hitler shaking his hand before he left the stadium.

Owens, buy clozaril online who felt the newspapers of the day reported "unfairly" on Hitler's attitude towards him, buy clozaril online tried to get Mischner and his journalist colleagues to change the accepted version of history in the 1960s, buy clozaril online the Daily Mail reports. Mischner, buy clozaril online who was a reporter at the time, buy clozaril online claimed Owens showed him the photograph and told him: "That was one of my most beautiful moments." He said: "It was taken behind the honour stand and so not captured by the world's press. Buy clozaril online But I saw it, buy clozaril online I saw him shaking Hitler's hand. "The predominating opinion in post-war Germany was that Hitler had ignored Owens. "We therefore decided not to report on the photo. Buy clozaril online The consensus was that Hitler had to continue to be painted in a bad light in relation to Owens." Mischner's claims cannot be verified because all other witnesses, buy clozaril online including Owens, buy clozaril online are dead. Owens, buy clozaril online who died in 1980 aged 66, buy clozaril online was the son of sharecroppers and won four track and field gold medals - the 100m, buy clozaril online the long jump, buy clozaril online the 200m and the relay race - at Berlin. He insisted that he had not been snubbed by Hitler but made no reference to meeting him and shaking hands. "When I passed the Chancellor he arose, buy clozaril online waved his hand at me, buy clozaril online and I waved back at him. Buy clozaril online I think the writers showed bad taste in criticising the man of the hour in Germany, buy clozaril online" he said.  Original source: