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Wimbledon’s Most Tired Man Exits

 By Tom Perrotta
For Nicolas Mahut, buy coq10 cod there’s little time to rest.
Nicolas Mahut may want to send that shirt through the wash twice.
The man who finished second in the historic tennis marathon — all 11 hours and five minutes of it — is out of Wimbledon after he and his partner, buy coq10 cod Arnaud Clement, buy coq10 cod lost in the first round of the doubles tournament Saturday. Buy coq10 cod
The match had been delayed by darkness, buy coq10 cod but at least it was brief, buy coq10 cod a mere three sets.Mr. Buy coq10 cod Mahut said he would fly back to France for a few days and then to Newport, buy coq10 cod R.I., buy coq10 cod for the grass-court tournament at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Buy coq10 cod
He’ll then play two smaller events in Europe in an attempt to lift his world ranking.“I don’t feel any fatigue, buy coq10 cod” he said.
Mahut didn’t look tired Saturday. Buy coq10 cod On one point, buy coq10 cod he chased down a low volley and tumbled over the net. Buy coq10 cod Mr. Buy coq10 cod Mahut saved a match point against his team by returning an overhead smash hit at his ankles. Buy coq10 cod He turned back another with a service return winner, buy coq10 cod and still another with an ace. Buy coq10 cod He’s not sure how he’s been able to last this long.“I have no idea what happened, buy coq10 cod” he said. Buy coq10 cod “At the French Open, buy coq10 cod I lost in four sets in the second round. Buy coq10 cod I was completely dead, buy coq10 cod I needed four days to recover.”Mr. Buy coq10 cod Mahut was asked if he ought to receive a bonus for his Wimbledon performance. Buy coq10 cod “I lost first round singles, buy coq10 cod I lost first round doubles, buy coq10 cod that’s it, buy coq10 cod” he said. Buy coq10 cod “We don’t have to change the rule.” Say one thing for the loser of the longest tennis match ever: He’s not bitter. Buy coq10 cod Original article: