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what really matters….. I had an opportunity to leave the city for a few days. Amazing what a different landscape will do, buy coreg especially a landscape with space, buy coreg not to mention ocean and sand. Driving home at dusk last week, buy coreg I looked around at the farmlands immersed in sprinkler mist with the background of the mountains in what was a spectacular view. My thoughts wandered. And as my thoughts often do, buy coreg they returned to certain members of my family. My thoughts had more clarity and calm as I drove that evening, buy coreg than the otherwise obfuscation and spinning. As I drove, buy coreg I wondered if my brother and his wife might see what I saw driving. I wondered if they would look upon such landscape and see its beauty and appreciate such a moment. We live in a pretty crazy world these days, buy coreg a world driven by quests for things that in the process, buy coreg and perhaps with good intentions, buy coreg can diminish our value to one another. Buy coreg It can diminish the connections to those we love.   The drive and the time away replenished me. Buy coreg And tonight I appreciate space, buy coreg and an ability to see and appreciate the value of life in my California surroundings. Buy coreg And I’m grateful as well, buy coreg for a little more clarity, buy coreg which reminds me yet again, buy coreg what really matters.