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Jamie Leigh Jones says she and others silenced by Halliburton Says They Are Forced To Argue Their Sexual Assault Cases in Secretive Arbitration By MADDY SAUER Feb. Buy discount amoxil 12, buy discount amoxil 2008— Excerpts: "After months of waiting for criminal charges to be filed, buy discount amoxil Jones decided to file suit against Halliburton and KBR. Buy discount amoxil KBR has moved for Jones' claim to be heard in private arbitration, buy discount amoxil instead of a public courtroom, buy discount amoxil as provided under the terms of her original employment contract. Buy discount amoxil (cut) In arbitration, buy discount amoxil there is no public record or transcript of the proceedings, buy discount amoxil meaning that Jones' claims would not be heard before a judge and jury. Buy discount amoxil Rather, buy discount amoxil a private arbitrator hired by the corporation would decide Jones' case. Buy discount amoxil In fact, buy discount amoxil Tracy Barker, buy discount amoxil who says she was sexually harassed and sexually assaulted while working for Halliburton/KBR in Iraq, buy discount amoxil also recently tried to file suit against the companies. Buy discount amoxil She was forced into arbitration last month. Buy discount amoxil Jones will tell Congress today that she was not aware that when she signed her employment contract, buy discount amoxil she was effectively signing away her right to bring a lawsuit. Buy discount amoxil "When I decided to pursue a civil suit, buy discount amoxil I was informed that within my 13-page employment contract that had an additional five pages attached, buy discount amoxil [there was] included an arbitration clause, buy discount amoxil" Jones says in her prepared statement to the committee. Buy discount amoxil (cut) More than two years since her attack, buy discount amoxil no criminal charges have been brought in the matter, buy discount amoxil and legal experts say that it is highly unlikely that Jones' alleged assailants will ever face a judge and jury. Buy discount amoxil Jones says that the arbitration clauses are letting her rapists and other criminals off the legal hook. Buy discount amoxil "The forced arbitration clause in Army contractor's contracts prove to protect the criminals of violent crimes, buy discount amoxil rather than enforce they be held accountable by a judge and jury, buy discount amoxil" Jones says in her remarks. Buy discount amoxil (cut) Since the attacks, buy discount amoxil Jones has started a nonprofit foundation called the Jamie Leigh Foundation, buy discount amoxil which is dedicated to helping victims who were raped or sexually assaulted overseas while working for government contractors or other corporations. Buy discount amoxil