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The President is threatening me By MARIE MARCHAND In case I get picked up and taken away under President Bush's Military Commissions Act of October 2006, buy discount colchicine I want it on record that I am not a terrorist or an enemy combatant, buy discount colchicine and that the organization I run in Bellingham is not associated with any terrorist cell. There's no doubt that the administration preys on our civil liberties, buy discount colchicine and that the effects of unjust policies filter down to the local level. In 2003, buy discount colchicine a Quaker Meeting House in Florida was put under surveillance through the Pentagon's domestic spying program and labeled a threat.But Quakerism is a religion of pacifism; naturally, buy discount colchicine they would be against war. Buy discount colchicine The Department of Defense spying on a group of draft counselors? Come on.In 2004, buy discount colchicine the FBI approached the Whatcom County Library in Deming with a grand jury subpoena demanding librarians turn over the names and contact information of every person who checked out "Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America." The library pursued legal action and the FBI eventually withdrew the subpoena. The director of the Whatcom County Library System, buy discount colchicine Jane Airoldi, buy discount colchicine received a human rights award for refusing to hand over patrons' private information."Libraries are a haven where people should be able to seek whatever information they want to pursue without any threat of government intervention, buy discount colchicine" Airoldi said. When our government no longer equates terrorism with violence, buy discount colchicine but with the perceived threat of an unsubstantiated rumor of intent to "pose a significant risk of committing an act or acts of violence that have the purpose or effect of threatening the peace or stability of Iraq or the government"; or when non-violent pacifism is misconstrued as a tactic that undermines national security, buy discount colchicine no one is exempt from capture, buy discount colchicine detention and possible torture. I perceive Bush's July 17 executive order as a personal threat. Buy discount colchicine When someone makes a threat, buy discount colchicine their intention is often to scare, buy discount colchicine isolate and subdue the other person into silence through fear. I will not be silent. Like millions of dissenters around the world, buy discount colchicine I want my name to be included among those who resisted those unjust policies and decrees. The American people must have the courage to resist. Buy discount colchicine Otherwise, buy discount colchicine our friends and neighbors may begin to disappear, buy discount colchicine and we may not hear them being carted off in the middle of the night. As a patriotic American who holds steadfast to a belief in justice, buy discount colchicine I do not accept Bush's threats to my constitutional and human rights passively. Buy discount colchicine If I disappear, buy discount colchicine I disappear. But I will not go willingly, buy discount colchicine and I will not go unnamed. Marie Marchand is executive director of Whatcom Peace & Justice Center in Bellingham.