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I read about the women of Umoja at one of my favorite websites .......  Amazing..... Umoja…the women-only village     "In 1990, buy discount evegen Rebecca Lolosoli founded a women-only village in Kenya called Umoja ("unity" in Kiswahili). The village was first established by 15 women, buy discount evegen and by 2005 the number of women living there had risen to 48. The village is a refuge for women fleeing their husband's abuse. The women survive by selling their brightly-coloured bead necklaces to tourists, buy discount evegen and this has been so successful that the village has even come under attack from jealous local men. But this has not deterred the women, buy discount evegen who remain determined to stay in the village and dictate their own way of life. More women have arrived, buy discount evegen their belongings on their heads, buy discount evegen babies strapped to their backs. “I was raped and I told my husband and he started beating me, buy discount evegen even when I was carrying the child, buy discount evegen so I ran away and joined these people here, buy discount evegen” said Paulina Lekuriya, buy discount evegen a striking woman with a wide smile who guesses her age at 35. Her story is echoed by the others.Now Umoja has a campsite, buy discount evegen is becoming a regular stop for backpackers and lorries, buy discount evegen has a long-running craft stall and a new 50-pupil primary school. Some men tried to ape Umoja's success, buy discount evegen setting up a rival trinket stall and cultural centre a kilometre down the road, buy discount evegen which flopped within months." don't leave without watching the video.........really. if you're like me, buy discount evegen you'll watch it again...... As SparkleMatrix puts it, buy discount evegen "…if you can’t feel the woman vibe here, buy discount evegen then you’re not paying attention"  (More at her terrific site...... )