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 Truth and/or Consequences

Connie Shannon

If there is anything I've learned from being active in the political process, buy discount keftab is how inadequately informed we are as a citizenry.

When I say that, buy discount keftab I'm not simply referring to "middle America". 

I'm referring to most citizens - including the most educated and intellectually minded individuals across the country.

I've come to understand how the creation and promotion of misinformation has been instrumental and vital in keeping Americans ignorant. 

It has prevented us from enacting any substantial progress which could result by being better informed, buy discount keftab at the least in  being better informed on how the political system really works. Buy discount keftab

As a result of decades of such dissemination of toxic information  (ie. Buy discount keftab lies and/or ommissions) being promoted and reinforced by our media, buy discount keftab it has had a profound effect on our ability to effectively create positive change in our communities and in our planet as a whole.

In addition, buy discount keftab with time being such a limited commodity and with so many Americans simply trying to work forty/fifty hours a week along with raising families, buy discount keftab the ability and time to even search for accurate information has become all the more difficult. Buy discount keftab

As the saying goes, buy discount keftab information is power, buy discount keftab and likewise the lack of accurate information is equally disempowering and leaves us all vulnerable and ignorant.

It isn't difficult to prove such a point, buy discount keftab especially when we look at the information promoted on most television and radio shows.

The content aired over the media outlets is to provide distraction from the realities we will have address at some point. Buy discount keftab  

In addition, buy discount keftab the quality of "news" and basic information has become so polluted and manipulated that we have come to feel powerless because it all seems so overwhelming.

I have wondered how we can best address the 'dumbing down' syndrome, buy discount keftab because such assaults on truth, buy discount keftab knowledge and understanding affect all of us as much as we'd wish to ignore or deny it.

The lack of such truth and knowledge has affected our ability to critically think and act.   

We have become uneducated in areas which have made us more beholden to institutions that exploit our lack of being informed.

One might label it the "Big Brother" effect due to the increased monopolization and centralization of information coming from fewer and fewer of the same biased sources.

The internet in many ways, buy discount keftab has certainly helped to counter the propaganda and misinformation coming from the main stream outlets.

Speaking as a woman, buy discount keftab I have continued to notice the virtual absence of women voices on radio and television discussing alternatives to the continuous spending of our tax dollars being used to fund foreign and Israeli entities and/or to promote weaponry build up, buy discount keftab death and destruction.

That is not because there aren't many qualified women very schooled on the subject.

Colonel Ann Wright and Cindy Sheehan for instance, buy discount keftab understand the Military Industrial Complex and war industry all too well.

However, buy discount keftab women like Colonel Ann Wright, buy discount keftab Karen Kwiotowski and Cindy Sheehan are not allowed fair access to the various Sunday morning shows or Prime Time television, buy discount keftab perhaps because like so many other women and mothers, buy discount keftab they know too much.

The power of the "defense" weapon industry, buy discount keftab the multitudes of death and murders resulting from events like Katrina, buy discount keftab and the intentional destruction of communities has proven to be unfortunately quite a profit bearing industry for those who apparently don't value other peoples lives and communities.

Most of us have been heavily conditioned to believe and support a 'cold war' mentality, buy discount keftab and it has only been in the last ten years that I have gradually better understood that this aversion to diplomacy leaves us all exposed to the potential destruction that has been building for decades if not longer.

Today, buy discount keftab with the attempted (and inflated media promotion of ) dissolution of most commercial banks and financial systems, buy discount keftab and the billions of dollars seemingly disappearing into a thin air, buy discount keftab along with the call for more 'war on terrorism' (war on the freedoms of citizens ), buy discount keftab one can begin to wonder if what we've believed for so long served us in any way, buy discount keftab other than to buy time for those who wish to push us into another global disaster.

There are solutions to the problems which have been created by a deceitful mentality which requires both our submission and obedience along with Washington's and Wall Street's domination and control over us. Buy discount keftab

That is the apparent agenda.    With that, buy discount keftab there are the wolves costumed in sheep's clothing we've come to perceive as our friends in powerful places, buy discount keftab when in fact most are not.

The first solution is for individuals to begin to simply ask more questions, buy discount keftab demand answers with tangible results, buy discount keftab and cease accepting what is being told to us by institutions, buy discount keftab think tanks, buy discount keftab radio/television shows (even if they claim to be progressive or independent, buy discount keftab most are still compromised at some capacity)  and individuals who have a vested financial interest in perpetuating a war mentality and/or state.

Another solution is for women to become more educated on the issue and industry of war, buy discount keftab with the understanding it is at the core of much of our economic policy.

A few years ago I remember talking with a friend, buy discount keftab a former Marine and he said to me something I wouldn't have expected from an ex-Marine.  

He said until there are more women in the highest positions of power, buy discount keftab there will continue to be war, buy discount keftab destruction and continued conflict world wide.

I also realize when my friend mentioned "women", buy discount keftab he did not mean those women who are placed in positions simply to pose as a "woman".

There is little question there are women who are all too eager or at least resigned, buy discount keftab to tow a war driven agenda for those men who will finance their candidacy and/or their appointment.   Sarah Palin is one who presently comes to my mind.

I don't want to totally discount Sarah Palin, buy discount keftab anymore than I already have in a previous post, buy discount keftab that would discount the other candidates who are running. Buy discount keftab   They are all enablers and frankly victims of the same broken system. Buy discount keftab  

In addition, buy discount keftab the effects of power and money are not gender specific.

However, buy discount keftab I do believe that a society solely run and controlled by one particular group who have a vested interest in maintaining such control over everyone else seems to have brought us where we are today.

I believe sadly that those running for our highest offices, buy discount keftab no matter how much they may (or may not) want to promote policies that would stop or stall a call for more war; their wings have been adequately clipped so as to limit their power and ability to enact such necessary policies.

In addition, buy discount keftab many running for office are simply individuals who have been chosen to run because, buy discount keftab irregardless of what they say or proclaim as their mission, buy discount keftab are controlled by others with an agenda that is not in their constituent's best interest.

So what do we do?  

I believe we quit enabling the offenders.  We stop engaging in actions that help them to continue to propel the myths and the systems that are taking us down a road leading us into an economic (need I say spiritual) depression.

Barak Obama and Joe Biden while we might find some sort of false comfort in their presidency/vice presidency, buy discount keftab will not solve the problems facing us.

Some may argue they will curtail the problems, buy discount keftab at least short term, buy discount keftab but I believe the problems we face deal specifically with those in Washiington versus everyone else, buy discount keftab or at least what is now the Washington system versus everyone else.

I have spoken with a number of individuals who have worked in politics who have seen their candidates leave for Washington and return only to be a different person. Buy discount keftab   It seems no one is immune from such a condition.

I have witnessed it myself. Buy discount keftab   So it appears that it is a systemic problem versus an individual problem. Buy discount keftab  

Case in point, buy discount keftab look at the legislation passed in the past eight years, buy discount keftab you can rationalize it was the Republicans because that's what the Washington Democrats want you to believe. Buy discount keftab   They continue to project any and all blame towards the Administration and/or Republicans in Congress. Buy discount keftab  

At some point after eight years, buy discount keftab all of those in Washington must accept accountability. Buy discount keftab  

How does it serve us to continually accept "its their fault" when they have so often voted the same way their Republican counterparts did.    How does it serve us to continually accept excuses and stalling on being responsible?   It certainly doesnt hurt them, buy discount keftab but it does hurt us.

Not to mention the very real fact that none of us really even know who exactly are tabulating the votes.

Until we have public hand-counted tabulations of the votes, buy discount keftab no election is legitimate, buy discount keftab no matter who they claim to be the winner, buy discount keftab which if you fully understand that you will realize it means we are not in control of the elections which of course are our power. 

If we can't vote them in, buy discount keftab (even if they throw us an election now and then), buy discount keftab then we can't vote them out.

It's not the candidates we should be investing our time and effort towards in my opinion, buy discount keftab it is the system that needs an overhaul.

It is learning who is running the elections and investing our time in gaining more understanding about who our county clerks are.

It is certainly more fun and exciting to get caught up in the candidates and the so called election process, buy discount keftab but how is it helping you and your future as a citizen?

It is also coming to better understand how the Middle East policy and particularly the Israeli influence in our own governmental institutions and how that has played an increasingly prominent role.

Has that been a positive?  

Again the more we come to understand our history and not the ideology we have been conditioned to accept as history, buy discount keftab the more empowered we will be to truly understand how we arrived to where we are today.

Our system is based on a hierarchy and a patriarchal structure which essentially invalidates any and all individuals and situations which do not support such a system.

I came across recently a book written in 1952 by a man named Ashley Montague, buy discount keftab titled, buy discount keftab "The Natural Superiority of Women".    I found the title interesting, buy discount keftab especially due to the fact it had been written by a man. Buy discount keftab  

While I am sure there could be a lively debate on the validity of such a book title, buy discount keftab  I would only offer that it seems apparent to me that the absence of authentic feminine qualities (compassion, buy discount keftab empathy, buy discount keftab nurturing, buy discount keftab maternal instincts) and voices, buy discount keftab whether they come from men OR women, buy discount keftab  is the primary reason that we are at such a dire place on this planet.

The war like alpha mentality has silenced all other voices and threatened anyone else willing to speak.   The call to war is threatening the planet as a whole.

At the same time, buy discount keftab I think we as women and men, buy discount keftab need to stop buying into the gender specific labels and begin looking towards promoting values that promote more compassionate and respectful appreciation of others.    Isn't that the bottom line?   Along with placing more value on the act of sharing and less on the value of accumulation.

It will take sacrifice from all of us, buy discount keftab and along with it, buy discount keftab abandoning various myths and comforts which have brought us a false sense of security, buy discount keftab but in exchange it will provide us with the authenticity of finally realizing what we are capable of accomplishing as a whole, buy discount keftab which could be huge.

I also believe women need to first identify our own origins, buy discount keftab our history (or herstory), buy discount keftab our power, buy discount keftab strength and moreover our interdependence with other women which has been effectively dismantled and removed from historic record over the centuries.

Until we better understand how we arrived here, buy discount keftab and relinquish the blind acceptance of conventional myths constructed and propagated over the centuries, buy discount keftab where we were derailed along the way, buy discount keftab can we move forward in a different direction letting go of a model which has failed time and time again, buy discount keftab and created so much unnecessary harm and destruction.