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and a demand to stop funding the profiteering War in Iraq. After cold, buy discount mentax stormy and conservative Texas, buy discount mentax it was liberating to be back in beautiful San Francisco. Sunday was a gorgeous day, buy discount mentax and we started our actions with a lovely walk over the Golden Gate bridge. This time, buy discount mentax we came armed with a letter from the ACLU detailing our rights, buy discount mentax which included the right to carry signs (no bigger than 2x3). In a show of overkill, buy discount mentax though, buy discount mentax the police actually escorted us on the pedestrian walkway of the bridge with a phalanx of police on motorcycles, buy discount mentax on bicycles and on foot! We very wary of those people in PINK!!! Part of the group started the walk from the San Francisco side, buy discount mentax the other part from the Marin side, buy discount mentax and we had a joyous meeting in the middle. Buy discount mentax We sang and cheered to the constant honks of support from the passing cars. Buy discount mentax Ah, buy discount mentax it’s great to be back in the bay area… From the bridge, buy discount mentax a group walked three miles to our next stop, buy discount mentax the home of Senator Diane Feinstein. Buy discount mentax She lives in a Pacific Heights mansion just a few blocks from Nancy Pelosi’s house. Buy discount mentax The mansion has a lovely park in front of it, buy discount mentax where we were met by the raucous Raging Grannies singing hilarious Easter songs, buy discount mentax and by the larger-than-life Gandhi peace puppet that often accompanies our CODEPINK actions thanks to the Gandhi Peace Brigade.

It was quite a feat getting Gandhi up the stairs to Feinstein's house! We had made this stop at Senator Diane Feinstein's house for two reasons. One was to pressure her to stop funding the war and to support the new legislation introduced by Sen. Buy discount mentax Russ Feingold, buy discount mentax with the support of Sen. Buy discount mentax Harry Reid that calls for the troops to be home within a year - with a fixed timetable for withdrawal. The other reason is our concern about her conflict of interest, buy discount mentax with her husband Dick Blum receiving multi-million dollar defense contracts while she headed the subcommittee on military construction. Buy discount mentax We feel that she and her husband have profited from this war, buy discount mentax and they should return the profits back to the Iraqi people. Buy discount mentax Congress should also investigate the conflict of interest. Buy discount mentax One of the journalists who covered our Easter visits, buy discount mentax Luke Thomas from Fog City Journal, buy discount mentax got a response from Feinstein’s office saying: “Senator Feinstein never sought to influence which entities were awarded any military construction contracts. Buy discount mentax Neither she nor her staff ever wrote, buy discount mentax spoke to, buy discount mentax or influenced in any way Defense Department officials in charge of determining which entities were awarded any military construction contract….There is no conflict." We delivered two Easter baskets to Feinstein and Blum. Buy discount mentax One had eggs with peaceful messages; the other was full of war toys and fake money, buy discount mentax with a message calling for them to play with the toys if they must, buy discount mentax but stop funding and profiting off real war. Read more at CODEPINK