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Question: How do people live without water? Answer: They don't. Half of Baghdad without water   Ahmad Raheema, buy endep cod Azzaman February 15, buy endep cod 2008 Power failures and maintenance have disrupted running water supplies to almost half of the capital, buy endep cod Baghdad, buy endep cod home to nearly 6 million people. A Baghdad Municipality source said the project supplying drinking water to Rasafa, buy endep cod the eastern half of Baghdad, buy endep cod was temporarily idle. The source, buy endep cod refusing to be named, buy endep cod said running water supplies may not resume for a few days. He attributed the stoppage, buy endep cod which has caused large-scale popular resentment, buy endep cod to blackouts which have recently even affected essential utilities like water. The stoppage has led to the closure of bakeries and restaurants in Rasafa, buy endep cod aggravating the suffering of Baghdad residents. Water resumed intermittently and in inadequate quantities through household taps for half a day after a three-stoppage on Thursday. Buy endep cod Then the taps dried once again.