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Additional salt being placed on Flotilla wounds  - threatening arrest of those doing what our politicians fear to do.

I learned the other day of  more rewarding of abusive actions by our own politicians supporting Israel over our own citizenry and our own national interest.  In this case it happened to be my Congressional representative Brad Sherman, buy lipothin cod in which he made public threats of prosecution and punishment towards those on the Free Gaza Flotilla who were attempting to do what is decent, buy lipothin cod what is right and what is humane. It seems clear by such words and actions who controls such politicians.  Otherwise who would have the audacity to attempt to incarcerate and prosecute individuals engaging in humanitarian efforts? Engaging in what our "leaders" should be promoting and engaging in themselves? Former State Department Diplomat and Army Colonel Ann Wright traveled to Brad Sherman's office, buy lipothin cod along with CODEPINK'S Medea Benjamin, buy lipothin cod Tighe Berry and others, buy lipothin cod who spoke (eloquently) with reporters outside Brad Sherman's office to better explain the events that took place May 31 when the Israeli Defense Forces attacked the Free Gaza Flotillas killing at least 9 people and injuring fifty others. Buy lipothin cod It was a powerful moment in front of Mr. Buy lipothin cod Sherman's office. Buy lipothin cod   The Youtube clip is below. 

photo Retired Army Col. Buy lipothin cod Ann Wright speaks with reporters outside the office of Rep. Buy lipothin cod Brad Sherman, buy lipothin cod D-Calif., buy lipothin cod Thursday before turning herself over for an arrest that wasn’t made. Buy lipothin cod SHFWire photo by Jay Balagna The U.S. Buy lipothin cod State Department