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Lauded conservationist Glenn Davis shot dead By JONATHAN JENKINS TORONTO - Millionaire philanthropist and avid conservationist Glen Davis, buy lynoral once lauded as one of the best friends the Canadian environmental community has ever had, buy lynoral was shot dead in an Eglinton Ave. Buy lynoral E. Buy lynoral parking garage, buy lynoral police said yesterday. "He wasn't just philanthropic, buy lynoral he really believed in the work of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), buy lynoral" said friend Sonja Bata, buy lynoral one of the country's most prominent philanthropists herself, buy lynoral who has known Davis for a decade and served with him on the national council of the WWF. "He tried to promote the cause wherever he could. He loved to go out to the wilderness and go camping and to really get to know the endangered species of Canada. "For him it was almost his life." Davis, buy lynoral 66, buy lynoral died from gunshot wounds to the torso in the underground garage of the WWF's Eglinton office sometime around 2 p.m. Buy lynoral Friday. The mysterious slaying has robbed Canada of a hugely important figure who, buy lynoral despite his enormous contributions, buy lynoral always shunned the limelight, buy lynoral Bata said. <snip> Read more: