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Amazing Gloria Steinem

"The idea of masculinity is based on conquering women or at least being superior to women and nature, buy mentax in us so it’s easy for women to identify with nature. Buy mentax in us Whether or not they describe it that way, buy mentax in us the same forces that are trying to rape women are trying to rape the environment. Buy mentax in us Women are the unpaid troops of the environmental movement, buy mentax in us though as usual, buy mentax in us males are more likely to be the paid leadership. Buy mentax in us Women have always been the huge majority – something like 80% – of the environmental movement. Buy mentax in us Not because we’re smarter, buy mentax in us or more moral, buy mentax in us but just because we aren’t afflicted with this masculine idea that we have to conquer nature and the environment. Buy mentax in us "

MS: As an activist, buy mentax in us people look out at the world right now, buy mentax in us and can feel so overwhelmed with all that is happening in the world and want to contribute to positive change and just don’t where to start– what advice would you give to them? GS: First of all, buy mentax in us change is like a house – you can’t build it from the top down, buy mentax in us only from the bottom up. Buy mentax in us Whatever small change we make will be like a pebble in a pond, buy mentax in us it will reverberate outward –and also it will be fun. Buy mentax in us It’s important to understand what joy there is – we’re meant to use all five senses- we’re meant to be active and contribute to the world. Buy mentax in us What’s the alternative? Just sitting there and wondering, buy mentax in us ‘Oh, buy mentax in us if I had just done this, buy mentax in us maybe…’ I’ve learned only one thing: No matter how hard it is to do it, buy mentax in us it’s harder not to do it. Buy mentax in us Then you’re stuck with wondering, buy mentax in us “what if I had said…. Buy mentax in us What if I had done….”?