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'Famous athletes on next flotilla' Organizers of 'Freedom Flotilla 2' reportedly in talks with leading athletes to take part in sail against Gaza blockade. Buy mestinon in canada Potential participants include Spanish national soccer team captain Iker Casillas, buy mestinon in canada tennis star Rafael Nadal Roee Nahmias                                                                                                       The European campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, buy mestinon in canada which organized the aid flotilla that turned into a lethal incident with international repercussions, buy mestinon in canada is trying to create hype around "Freedom Flotilla 2", buy mestinon in canada scheduled to set sail in September. According to a report in the London-based al-Hayat newspaper on Thursday the organization is in talks with a number of world famous soccer players in hopes of having them take part in the sail. According to Thursday's report, buy mestinon in canada the organization said it is in contact with French and Spanish soccer players, buy mestinon in canada including captain of the 2010 FIFA World Cup winner Spanish goalie Iker Casillas. While his name was mentioned, buy mestinon in canada the statement said talks were being kept quiet for fear that the players or their clubs may come under Israeli pressure. Buy mestinon in canada It was unclear which players would agree to leave their teams in September, buy mestinon in canada after the soccer season begins. While Casillas led his teammates to the welcoming ceremony in the Spanish capital, buy mestinon in canada the paper cites websites that reported the captain said he would not take part in the celebrations in Madrid's central square as an expression of his "deep sorrow over what happened in Gaza". According to the reports, buy mestinon in canada Casillas said, buy mestinon in canada "It's unthinkable that people take part (in the celebrations) and laugh after seeing what is going on in the Gaza Strip." He allegedly emphasized that the Spanish celebrations surrounding the World Cup victory are "partial, buy mestinon in canada as long as the Gaza Strip remains besieged." Al-Hayat also named the world's number 1 tennis player, buy mestinon in canada Spain's Rafael Nadal, buy mestinon in canada as a potential flotilla passenger, buy mestinon in canada saying he also condemned "Israel's aggression against the Gaza Strip" during Operation Cast Lead. Buy mestinon in canada Original source:, buy mestinon in canada7340, buy mestinon in canadaL-3923476, buy mestinon in canada00.html