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Best Women's Tennis Matches in Wimbledon History Original source of this article is found here: There have been several female players to play the game of tennis and make an appearance in Wimbledon. Buy mevacor cod The fact that they only recently got equal salary for the games and that they still do not play the full five games is a sad fact to the bigotry that exists in the sport. Buy mevacor cod Even though Billie Jean King proved that women can play just as well as men 1973 when she defeated Bobby Riggs, buy mevacor cod women are still treated as inferior. Buy mevacor cod Just to prove that there are some stellar women out there in the sport of tennis, buy mevacor cod here is a look at five of the all time greats. Buy mevacor cod Any one of these could easily beat me in a match (although a golden retriever could probably accomplish that feat). 1957 Althea Gibson One of the most forgotten names in the Civil Rights Movement is Althea Gibson. Buy mevacor cod Not only did she break the color barrier here in the United States for black female athletes, buy mevacor cod but, buy mevacor cod since tennis is more of a global sport, buy mevacor cod she accomplished the feat on an international level. Buy mevacor cod Becoming the first black woman to ever win a grand Slam title, buy mevacor cod Gibson opened the door for many players behind her. Buy mevacor cod There is little documented about her matches since women did not have a league to play in at the time. Buy mevacor cod It was mostly exhibition games and she made no money from it. Buy mevacor cod There were no salaries or endorsements, buy mevacor cod especially not for a woman, buy mevacor cod least of all a black one. Buy mevacor cod Aside from all the overall disdain that the world showed this amazing woman, buy mevacor cod she continued to work on her tennis game and become the greatest player that she could be. Buy mevacor cod She went on to win the Wimbledon Final in 1957 and 1958. Buy mevacor cod For all that she suffered, buy mevacor cod she still continued on despite the haters and did what she wanted to do. Buy mevacor cod Rarely will anyone ever witness such passion and love for the game. Buy mevacor cod Althea Gibson deserves to be recognized as one of the greatest to ever play the game of tennis. Billie Jean King One of the biggest names in the world of women's tennis is Billie Jean King. Buy mevacor cod She is credited with revolutionizing the game for women and being an integral part of making it what it is today. Buy mevacor cod Billie Jean was a very outspoken women's activist and was known not only for her amazing skills with the racket, buy mevacor cod but the fact that she knew women could be just as good as men in this sport. Buy mevacor cod Her ultimate goal of making it one competition and not a women's and men's separate finals has yet to be seen, buy mevacor cod but this fiery young woman showed that women were a force to be reckoned with on the courts. 1966 brought one of the best performances of Mrs. Buy mevacor cod King's career. Buy mevacor cod From her beginning in 1959, buy mevacor cod Billie Jean had several close calls when it came to winning a Grand Slam tourney. Buy mevacor cod It was not until 1966 that the dream was realized. Buy mevacor cod It was during this year that Billie Jean had a fire burning deep inside her and she had something to prove. Buy mevacor cod It seemed that this was also an iconic year. Buy mevacor cod Every single match of the Wimbledon tournament that year, buy mevacor cod she had to play an opponent that had bested her in the past. Buy mevacor cod Many of these opponents had kept her from a title by defeating her in the final round. Buy mevacor cod She went on to trounce each of them. Buy mevacor cod It was as if she were playing against history as she worked her way to the final round. Buy mevacor cod From "Dodo" Cheney to Margaret Court, buy mevacor cod Billie Jean tore through them all until she finally beat Court for the Finals title. Buy mevacor cod It was an amazing year to watch her drop opponent after opponent as she worked her way to the first Wimbledon win of her career. Margaret Court No matter what your feelings are towards Margaret Court's political and religious beliefs (she is rather boisterous about them), buy mevacor cod you must admit that she was one of the greatest women to ever play tennis. Buy mevacor cod With a standing record of 62 Grand Slam titles and 85 total appearances, buy mevacor cod there is no arguing this woman's skills. Buy mevacor cod It was in 1970, buy mevacor cod however, buy mevacor cod that she played one of the finest matches she has ever played. Buy mevacor cod After loosing to Billie Jean King in '66, buy mevacor cod Court was on the warpath. Buy mevacor cod She had to have that title back and she would stop at nothing to regain it. Buy mevacor cod This desire and passion was evident in every stroke she took that year as she geared herself up for Wimbledon. Buy mevacor cod In one of the most epic battles to ever occur in women's tennis, buy mevacor cod the 1970 Wimbledon Final was a true masterpiece. Buy mevacor cod Once again it was Court and King on Centre Court. Buy mevacor cod These two were both tenacious and neither wanted to give in the least little bit. Buy mevacor cod In a grit and nails, buy mevacor cod knock down drag out fight, buy mevacor cod that has yet to be rivaled (not even by the Williams sisters), buy mevacor cod these two gave one of the best matches of their career. Buy mevacor cod Court finally won out and defeated King, buy mevacor cod but the battles between these two Aces became rivals for the record books. Buy mevacor cod This was truly one of the best matches in the history of tennis, buy mevacor cod both men's and women's. 2002 Serena Williams In 2002, buy mevacor cod the world's stage opened up for one of the biggest rivalries in all sports. Buy mevacor cod I know from experience that Yankee and BoSox fans are more civil to each other than the Williams sisters are to each other when they are on the court. Buy mevacor cod Whenever you get two people with this much desire to win to face each other, buy mevacor cod there is bound to be some aggression. Buy mevacor cod Now you add the fact that they are women AND sisters, buy mevacor cod you better run for a bunker when you see this match in the headlines. Buy mevacor cod 2002 brought the first of many Grand Slam competitions where these two would vie for the title. Buy mevacor cod Serena had lost to her older sister Venus several times in the past, buy mevacor cod but this year would be different. Buy mevacor cod The Ali and Foreman fight was not nearly as bloody as this match up as both of these women went for the jugular. Serena finally bested her sister for the championship and once the game was over, buy mevacor cod everything returned to a happy sibling relationship. Buy mevacor cod While the match was going though, buy mevacor cod it was brutal. Buy mevacor cod This was a true test of Serena's ability and she had to dig down deep to give one of the best tennis performances of her life to beat out big sis for the Wimbledon Championship. 2007 Venus Williams Venus Williams has had several amazing seasons behind her. Buy mevacor cod From her debut at 14 years old, buy mevacor cod to the several times she has had to play against her sister for a Grand Slam title, buy mevacor cod her tennis life is full of some true grit stories and amazing play. Buy mevacor cod It was 2007 that she truly showed the world what she was made of. Buy mevacor cod Dynamic performances go well beyond natural talent or ability. Buy mevacor cod For me, buy mevacor cod a great game is one that shows what an athlete is made of. Buy mevacor cod Win or lose, buy mevacor cod if they poured their heart out into the sport, buy mevacor cod that is truly an epic game that should be one of their career highlights. Buy mevacor cod 2007 was one of those years for Venus Williams. Buy mevacor cod She had nothing left to prove. Buy mevacor cod She had several Grand Slam titles and was currently in the lead with wins against her sister. Buy mevacor cod 2007 was the year that she came back from several injuries and a lot of off the field hype. Buy mevacor cod She returned to what made her happy and she was there to show the world that she was not too old or too broken to play. Buy mevacor cod She was on a mission to prove to everyone, buy mevacor cod and I think she had to prove something to herself as well, buy mevacor cod that she was still one of the all time tennis greats. Buy mevacor cod After horrible seasons and a plethora of injuries from '03 to '06, buy mevacor cod it was time to get back in the saddle. She came out a little sluggish and nearly got eliminated in the first round at Wimbledon. Buy mevacor cod After straightening up, buy mevacor cod she was able to advance, buy mevacor cod but kept stumbling all the way up the ladder. Buy mevacor cod You could tell that her determination was kicking in in each match. Buy mevacor cod She would start to fall behind and then something inside her would come alive and she would dominate the remainder of the sets. Buy mevacor cod All the way until the Finals. Buy mevacor cod It was here that the reality of things sank in. Buy mevacor cod She then utterly destroyed Marion Bartoli for the Championship. Buy mevacor cod This win gave her a fourth Wimbledon and put her with the likes of Billie Jean King, buy mevacor cod Martina Navratilova, buy mevacor cod and Steffi Graf. Buy mevacor cod Being only the fourth woman in history to accomplish this, buy mevacor cod she not only proved to the world that she was not too old and broken to do what she loved, buy mevacor cod but she proved it to herself. Original source of this article is found here: