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 Kelly Clarkson:  Another Woman We Love 1924_1626_Clarkson-Kelly-121503-lo.jpg  From Clarkson has spoken out about her experiences with sexist music executives and their blatant disapproval of her writing her own music because she's a young woman: "Everybody doesn't like me writing all the time, buy motilium cod no matter how many No. Buy motilium cod 1's you write. Buy motilium cod It's clearly like yelling at a brick wall....It's because I'm a woman — because I'm a young woman. Buy motilium cod I literally heard someone say it [during a conference call]. Buy motilium cod They didn't know I was on the phone. Buy motilium cod Like, buy motilium cod really? We're living in what century? I hung up. Buy motilium cod I was like, buy motilium cod I can't even address that. Buy motilium cod 'Cause that was the most ignorant thing I've ever heard." Oh for the record, buy motilium cod to those attempting to devalue female song writing talent in general, buy motilium cod Ms. Clarkson just happened to win a Song of the Year award for a song she's the kicker......all by herself.  Read more at the fabulous