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More amazing, buy no rx aygestin awesome activism by the ladies and gentlemen of CODEPINK. 

Hunger Strikers Shut Out by Pelosi Will Shut Federal Building

Pelosi Refuses to Speak to Peace Community

When: 1 pm, buy no rx aygestin Thursday, buy no rx aygestin August 23 Where: SF Federal Building, buy no rx aygestin 450 Golden Gate Ave., buy no rx aygestin SF What: Symbolic shut down of the Federal Building Today CODEPINK women who have been fasting for 11 days to meet with Speaker Pelosi about the war received word from Cong. Buy no rx aygestin Nancy Pelosi's SF Director Dan Bernal that the Speaker does not have time to meet with them or any of the peace groups in her district anytime during the August recess. Buy no rx aygestin Shut out and silenced by the Speaker, buy no rx aygestin CODEPINK women will symbolically shut down the Federal Building on Thursday in protest.   Women with CODEPINK: Women for Peace have been fasting and camping outside Speaker Pelosi and Senator Feinstein's offices for 11 days asking for meeting about the war. Buy no rx aygestin In response to the tents pitched outside her Pacific Heights mansion, buy no rx aygestin Senator Feinstein held a meeting at the encampment with the fasters on Tuesday, buy no rx aygestin August 21, buy no rx aygestin after which the group agreed to end their camp at her home. Buy no rx aygestin  Speaker Pelosi, buy no rx aygestin however, buy no rx aygestin has refused to meet and called the hunger strikers "nuts." The fasting activists presented a letter to the Speaker asking for a meeting. Buy no rx aygestin  The letter was signed by 30 prominent peace and justice groups in the Bay Area, buy no rx aygestin including Iraq Veterans Against the War, buy no rx aygestin the San Francisco Labor Council, buy no rx aygestin Jewish Voices for Peace, buy no rx aygestin American Muslim Voice and MoveOn.

  "Pelosi's SF director, buy no rx aygestin Dan Bernal, buy no rx aygestin said the speaker refuses to meet with any of us, buy no rx aygestin but won't give us a reason why, buy no rx aygestin" said hunger striker Nancy Mancias. Buy no rx aygestin "We will block the entrance to the Federal Building to symbolize our lack of representation by our elected representative."   With the August recess and Congresspeople all over the country meeting with their constituents, buy no rx aygestin CODEPINK and a coalition of San Francisco peace groups have sent multiple requests for a meeting. Buy no rx aygestin All their attempts have been rebuffed.   "The speaker has plenty of time for fundraisers and luncheons with donors. Buy no rx aygestin She even made a surprise appearance at a Democrats and Donuts coffee klatch gathering in Ahwatukee, buy no rx aygestin Arizona, buy no rx aygestin and the organizers gushed about how much time Pelosi gave them, buy no rx aygestin" says CODEPINK founder Medea Benjamin. Buy no rx aygestin "It's outrageous that she has time for everyone but her constituents who want to talk about the most pressing issue facing this nation."   Several members of the group, buy no rx aygestin including the hunger strikers, buy no rx aygestin will risk arrest at the Federal Building action.   Visit <>  and <>  for more info on CODEPINK.