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 A Lion named Christian Christian with his rescuers and life long friends John Rendall and Anthony Burke. 

"The clip of John Rendell and Anthony "Ace" Bourke reuniting with Christian the Lion has made the news around the world and received over 16 million hits on you tube.

(For those of you who have not seen the You tube video, buy no rx lukol here is the more lengthy and less glossed over version): "Christian the lion was purchased in 1969 by the two Australians living in Chelsea London at the time, buy no rx lukol from Harrods department store, buy no rx lukol when they discovered him for sale in exotic pets department and concerned for his conditions and fate decided to buy him.

John Rendall, buy no rx lukol  Anthony Bourke and their girlfriends cared for the lion until it was a year old but his increasing size and the cost of looking after him led them to realize they could not keep him in London for much longer.

Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, buy no rx lukol stars of the film Born Free, buy no rx lukol visited Rendall and Bourke's furniture shop, buy no rx lukol who suggested that they ask the assistance of George Adamson, buy no rx lukol the Kenyan conservationist, buy no rx lukol to help them rehabilitate Christian into the wild at his compound at Kora National Reserve.

Adamson slowly introduced Christian to an older lion 'Boy' and subsequently to a female cub in order to form the nucleus of a new pride.

This approach was successful and over the course of several years the pride established itself in the region around Kora.

When Rendall and Bourke were informed by Adamson of the successful result in 1971, buy no rx lukol they traveled to Kenya to pay one last visit to Christian in order to say goodbye.

Adamson warned them that it would most likely be a wasted trip as he had not seen Christian's pride for nine months.

However they discovered when they reached Kora that Christian and his pride had returned to Adamson's compound the day before their arrival.

Rendall said, buy no rx lukol "We called him and he stood up and started to walk towards us very slowly.

Then, buy no rx lukol as if he had become convinced it was us, buy no rx lukol he ran towards us, buy no rx lukol threw himself on to us, buy no rx lukol knocked us over, buy no rx lukol knocked George over and hugged us, buy no rx lukol like he used to, buy no rx lukol with his paws on our shoulders."

Source and more on Christian's story:, buy no rx lukol, buy no rx lukol24101420-5005369, buy no rx lukol00.html

"He travelled by Bentley (or Mercedes*), buy no rx lukol ate in fine London restaurants and spent his days lounging in a furniture shop. Buy no rx lukol

The story of Christian the pet lion - and his eventual release into the wild - is as moving as it is incredible.

The furniture shop was on the King's Road in London. Buy no rx lukol

It sold tables, buy no rx lukol wardrobes, buy no rx lukol chairs and desks - but anybody peering through its plate-glass window on a Sunday might have noticed something rather more unusual.

Amid all the pine and oak, buy no rx lukol stretched out languidly on a bench, buy no rx lukol there was a lion. Buy no rx lukol And it wasn't stuffed." (source and more at : )



"Christian used to lie beside me while I did the accounts at weekends, buy no rx lukol" remembers Jennifer Mary Taylor, buy no rx lukol who worked there. "And every so often, buy no rx lukol if I'd ignored him for too long, buy no rx lukol he'd sock me across the head with one of his great big paws. "He was very loving and affectionate - he liked to stand and put his paws on your shoulders. Buy no rx lukol But he was...", buy no rx lukol she pauses. Buy no rx lukol "I mean, buy no rx lukol he was a lion. Buy no rx lukol Does that sound silly?" Christian the lion (named by someone with a Biblical sense of humour) arrived in Chelsea at a time when the King's Road - home to Mick Jagger - was the very heart of the Swinging Sixties. For a year, buy no rx lukol the Big Cat was part of it all, buy no rx lukol cruising the streets in the back of a Bentley, buy no rx lukol popping in for lunch at Casserole, buy no rx lukol a local restaurant, buy no rx lukol even posing for a Biba fashion advert. He eventually grew too big to be kept as a pet and was taken to Kenya, buy no rx lukol where he was rehabilitated into the wild by the 'Lion Man', buy no rx lukol George Adamson. Now, buy no rx lukol his story is to be told in a new book, buy no rx lukol written by the Australian John Rendall who, buy no rx lukol along with his friend Ace Berg, buy no rx lukol bought Christian from Harrods in 1969. Source :

  "So what possessed them to buy a lion cub in the first place?

"A friend had been to the 'exotic animals' department at Harrods and announced, buy no rx lukol rather grandly, buy no rx lukol that she wanted a camel, buy no rx lukol" says Rendall.

"To which the manager very coolly replied: 'One hump or two, buy no rx lukol madam?'

"Ace and I thought this was the most sophisticated repartee we'd ever heard, buy no rx lukol so we went along to check it out - and there, buy no rx lukol in a small cage, buy no rx lukol was a gorgeous little lion cub. Buy no rx lukol We were shocked. Buy no rx lukol We looked at each other and said something's got to be done about that."

Harrods, buy no rx lukol it turned out, buy no rx lukol was also quite keen to be rid of Christian, buy no rx lukol who had escaped one night, buy no rx lukol sneaked into the neighbouring carpet department - then in the throes of a sale of goatskin rugs - and wreaked havoc.

The store, buy no rx lukol which had acquired the cub from Ilfracombe zoo, buy no rx lukol happily agreed to part with him for 250 guineas.

So began Christian's year as an urban lion.

Christian was given his own living quarters (and a very large kitty-litter tray, buy no rx lukol which he used unfailingly) in the basement of the appropriately named Sophistocat furniture shop.

"He had a beautiful musky smell that was very distinct, buy no rx lukol" says Rendall. Buy no rx lukol "But he was clean."

The vicar of the Moravian Chapel nearby was approached to allow Christian the run of the graveyard, buy no rx lukol and every day he was taken there to roar around and play football.

Once, buy no rx lukol when he was brought along to a seaside picnic, buy no rx lukol he dipped his toes reluctantly in the water and intimated with a shudder that it was disagreeably cold. Buy no rx lukol But he was eventually persuaded to swim in the English Channel.

"He was a lot of work, buy no rx lukol" says Rendall. Buy no rx lukol "It took all four of us - me, buy no rx lukol my then girlfriend Jennifer Mary, buy no rx lukol Ace Berg and an actress called Unity Jones - to look after him." Christian and John Kendall sleeping shortly after their arrival in Africa. [cot1400.jpg]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Christian and the famed George Adamson, buy no rx lukol the "Father of lions", buy no rx lukol in his new home in Kenya.