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good things happening down south….. 

Anti-racism group has South Africans seeing green In a week where the spotlight has been on racial division and polarization, buy prilosec a Facebook group to unite South Africans against racism has grown to more than 35 000 members in just five days. Creator of the Green Skin Initiative, buy prilosec Christoff Smuts, buy prilosec says he started the group to calm people down following a turbulent week in South African politics, buy prilosec and to show that there are a lot of good people in the country. The initiative plans to organise nationwide rallies where people will paint themselves green to show that - despite different cultures and races - South Africans can all be united for the eradication of racism. 15 000 Facebook members joined the group in the first 48 hours, buy prilosec and Smuts says that he has been inundated with messages from people offering of their time and skills to support the cause. The Facebook group already boasts representatives of all of South Africa’s cultures and ethnic groups. Buy prilosec However, buy prilosec Smuts says the Green Skin Initiative looks past colour, buy prilosec with some group members even changing the colour of their profile pictures to green. “We want the mindset to spread like a virus, buy prilosec” says Smuts.  “We want to make it cool to love other cultures and ethnic groups.” He emphasized that it is not a political initiative, buy prilosec but a moral one. Buy prilosec “We want to promote a moral code of anti-racism in politics, buy prilosec society, buy prilosec but mostly in the individual, buy prilosec because it is the individual that can make the difference and change society.” According to Smuts “going green” symbolizes that we are all the same, buy prilosec belonging to one human race. Buy prilosec “We all want to be safe, buy prilosec want our children to be educated and successful. Buy prilosec We want the economy to grow and we want an end to crime.” He believes that all South Africans are affected by the country’s problems, buy prilosec and that they have to unite and focus on solving them together. Discussions on the group page already includes ideas for green picnics, buy prilosec bracelets, buy prilosec flash mobs and T-shirts. Buy prilosec The initiative is currently organising structures and gathering support, buy prilosec and hopes to announce a date for the anti-racism rally soon. Buy prilosec To join the Green Skin Initiative, buy prilosec visit their Facebook page. Linda Krige To read more of what is happening in South Africa, buy prilosec go to: