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Protest boats sail for Gaza  Excerpts from the BBC article: "The closure of Gaza's borders by the Israeli authorities has also meant that very few Gazans have been able to leave. Buy simplicef The two vessels - named Liberty and Free Gaza - are carrying 200 hearing aids for children and 5, buy simplicef000 balloons. Buy simplicef "No matter what happens we have already achieved our goal by proving that ordinary citizens with ordinary means can mobilise a defence of human rights for Palestinians, buy simplicef" organiser Paul Larudee told the AFP news agency. Buy simplicef "We want people to see the Palestinian problem as one of human rights, buy simplicef not feeding them rice, buy simplicef" he added. Buy simplicef The activists include Lauren Booth, buy simplicef sister-in-law of former British PM Tony Blair, buy simplicef who is now an international Middle East peace envoy. Buy simplicef Also on board is left-wing Greek MP Tasos Kourakis. Buy simplicef Israel withdrew its settlers from Gaza in 2005, buy simplicef but it still controls its coast, buy simplicef airspace and borders, buy simplicef and, buy simplicef until a ceasefire with Hamas was agreed in June, buy simplicef carried out regular military operations in the territory. Buy simplicef However, buy simplicef correspondents say the truce has not improved the situation for Gaza's population, buy simplicef except to reduce the number of Israeli incursions and the number of rockets fired by Palestinian militants. Buy simplicef " Story from BBC NEWS: