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I've increasingly become interested in the rise of narcissism / narcissistic personalities in all levels of power, buy uroxatral cod and in our own communities, buy uroxatral cod even families at large. Buy uroxatral cod   Of course we all need a good healthy self image, buy uroxatral cod however the level of self-consumption, buy uroxatral cod deceitful practices and entitlement are disturbingly becoming a trend.  Just taking a look at Goldman Sachs and the rest of the corporate banking structures as prime examples. Buy uroxatral cod     I've been curious how (and why) narcissism/sociopathy have become more prominent in our perceptions and even definitions of  "success", buy uroxatral cod and how they more importantly play a primary part in  the declination and erosion in our society overall.   I came across this article below -an insightful, buy uroxatral cod interesting piece by Avigail Abarbanel. Narcissism and the world of "success" and smoke and mirrors, buy uroxatral cod are more intertwined than most people probably realize.  The politics of Narcissism (and how image is more important than reality)

Avigail Abarbanel

 I have always believed that my profession has a lot to offer to the understanding of politics. One important contribution we can make is to highlight the relationship between narcissism, buy uroxatral cod in particular Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NDP), buy uroxatral cod and politics.

A person has to have only five of the following DSM-IV criteria to be diagnosed with NPD. Buy uroxatral cod He or she: (1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance;
(2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, buy uroxatral cod power, buy uroxatral cod brilliance, buy uroxatral cod beauty, buy uroxatral cod or ideal love; (3) believes that he or she is ‘special’ and unique and can only be understood by, buy uroxatral cod or should associate with, buy uroxatral cod other special or high status people (or institutions); (4) requires excessive admiration; (5) has a sense of entitlement i.e., buy uroxatral cod unreasonable expectations of especially favourable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations; (6) is interpersonally exploitative, buy uroxatral cod i.e., buy uroxatral cod takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends; (7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recongise or identify with the feelings and needs of others; (8) is often envious of otherso r believes that others are envious of him or her; (9) shows arrogant, buy uroxatral cod haughty behaviours or attitudes. Buy uroxatral cod (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM IV. Buy uroxatral cod American Psychiatric Association. Buy uroxatral cod P.661)

People with NPD are everywhere but can be found in particular in areas where there are visible signs of success, buy uroxatral cod status and power, buy uroxatral cod and where admiration can be obtained relatively easily for example: high level sports, buy uroxatral cod entertainment, buy uroxatral cod all branches of academia, buy uroxatral cod medicine, buy uroxatral cod military and law enforcement, buy uroxatral cod high level corporate and public service jobs and in politics.

The emotional maturity of people with NPD is that of a 3-5 year old child.
They generate chaos, buy uroxatral cod confusion and fear around them. They are divisive, buy uroxatral cod and are incredibly harmful (emotionally and otherwise) to anyone under their influence. The closer you are to them, buy uroxatral cod the worse it is.

I have worked with many clients over the years who are children of narcissists.
It’s a terrible hidden injury to have to live with. As parents, buy uroxatral cod narcissists are not necessarily violent or abusive in any obvious sense. In fact they are more likely to be seen as ‘perfect’ devoted parents. They would often spend a lot of time with their chosen children pushing them to succeed in an area that they happen to value and so that they can put them on display. They might get involved in the child’s activity in some capacity, buy uroxatral cod to be seen as selfless and helpful and to be admired by others as devoted parents. Buy uroxatral cod Ask the child of a narcissist and he or she would tell you that ‘Dad got involved but he did it for himself. Buy uroxatral cod It was never about me’.

I said ‘chosen children’ because if narcissists have two or more children, buy uroxatral cod they will often divide them into two groups: the successful versus the unsuccessful, buy uroxatral cod the bright and ‘not so bright’, buy uroxatral cod those who could do well and those who ‘wouldn’t amount to anything’.
Many children of narcissists live a miserable life either as sad underachievers or as successful perfectionists who never feel they are good enough. Many end up killing themselves, buy uroxatral cod or living with depression or substance abuse, buy uroxatral cod and no one, buy uroxatral cod least of all them, buy uroxatral cod understands why. When they come to therapy they don’t feel that they have a right to have problems, buy uroxatral cod because their family was not only ‘normal’ but even ‘perfect’. And this is important because image is everything for narcissists, buy uroxatral cod and children (and partners) learn to collude early on with the task of making the family and the narcissistic parent look good. The French film Look at Me shows a good example of a successful author who has NPD and the devastating effect he has on his daughter.

Narcissists vary in the degree of 'success' they achieve. Buy uroxatral cod
It depends a lot on their particular talents, buy uroxatral cod their time in history, buy uroxatral cod social class and other circumstances. Buy uroxatral cod For example, buy uroxatral cod many female narcissists could not have become successful at anything much two hundred years ago, buy uroxatral cod when women’s status in society was so low. Buy uroxatral cod Unsuccessful narcissists often spend their entire lives feeling bitter and disappointed about a world that they believe has failed to recognise their ‘specialness’, buy uroxatral cod their beauty or genius. Buy uroxatral cod They can get quite depressed and self-tormented, buy uroxatral cod feeling deprived of what they need the most, buy uroxatral cod and believe they deserve: recognition and admiration. Buy uroxatral cod Narcissists in general tend to have a victim mentality and an unhealthy sense of entitlement. Buy uroxatral cod They are incapable of self-awareness and do not own up or take responsibility for their actions. Buy uroxatral cod Everything is always someone else’s fault.

Narcissists, buy uroxatral cod particularly the successful ones, buy uroxatral cod can be extremely well presented. Buy uroxatral cod
People who are not too close to them tend to admire them but those who are unfortunate enough to live with them or work closely with them know better.

Less successful narcissists are attracted to more successful ones so that they can bask in their reflected glory. Buy uroxatral cod
Behind the unrestrained admiration of celebrity in all varieites lies narcissism. Buy uroxatral cod We even have parasitical industries that feed on it and promote it, buy uroxatral cod such as glossy magazines (complete with paparazzi), buy uroxatral cod and certain television shows whose entire focus is on creating overnight celebrities and feeding them to an audience of narcissists.

The damage narcissists do in the work environment is aptly described by the gifted Australian psychologist John Clarke in his book Working with Monsters. Buy uroxatral cod NPD fits well with Clarke’s description of the ‘workplace psychopath’.

But what happens when narcissists run entire countries?
What happens when their decisions and actions affect millions of people, buy uroxatral cod especially considering their lack of capacity for empathy or responsibility? Imagine what would happen if you gave a small child all the armies and money they want and enough power to do whatever they want with them, buy uroxatral cod and you get the idea.

Politics, buy uroxatral cod as it has been practiced throughout human history, buy uroxatral cod is a magnet for narcissists because it offers so many advantages: power, buy uroxatral cod money, buy uroxatral cod privilege of all kinds, buy uroxatral cod and most of all status and admiration. Buy uroxatral cod
Narcissistic dictators are pretty obvious but even in Western democracies, buy uroxatral cod politics includes too many elements, buy uroxatral cod privileges and benefits that are all too attractive to narcissists.

If like me you are infuriated, buy uroxatral cod frustrated and outright worried about policies that are short-sighted, buy uroxatral cod that ignore facts and evidence (e.g. Buy uroxatral cod Howard’s response to climate change); policies that promote divisiveness over unity and cooperation, buy uroxatral cod suspicion and mistrust over compassion, buy uroxatral cod and destructiveness over healing and dialogue, buy uroxatral cod look for the narcissist. Buy uroxatral cod
If you are shocked and disgusted by white collar crime or corruption, buy uroxatral cod look for the narcissist. Buy uroxatral cod If you are puzzled by why politics has been practiced with such cynicism and lack of compassion, buy uroxatral cod with such shallowness, buy uroxatral cod dishonesty and nastiness, buy uroxatral cod look for the narcissists.

Big egos, buy uroxatral cod resistance to change, buy uroxatral cod ruthlessness and dishonesty are not just the foibles of high achievers, buy uroxatral cod neither are they the admirable qualities of ‘go getters’. Buy uroxatral cod
They are the symptom of a serious pathology. Buy uroxatral cod It is important for the public to be able to understand and name what it sees rather than feel dismayed and puzzled by it.

Narcissistic leaders can give a whole society a narcissistic ‘flavour’ by promoting and advancing those who are like them. Buy uroxatral cod
The most obvious signs of a narcissistic society are a strong focus on ‘grandness’, buy uroxatral cod appearances and spectacles, buy uroxatral cod disregard for rules and laws, buy uroxatral cod and an empty confusing rhetoric at the expense of real substance. Buy uroxatral cod A narcissistic government would spend a lot of money and effort publicising its achievements, buy uroxatral cod real or imaginary. Buy uroxatral cod Under narcissistic rulers reality begins to mix with fiction and real data about what is going on are covered up.

If we want to live in a compassionate, buy uroxatral cod benevolent and rational society, buy uroxatral cod based on dialogue and inclusiveness rather than fear and divisiveness, buy uroxatral cod and if we want to have a long-term view of problem-solving we must ensure that we never again elect narcissistic leaders. Buy uroxatral cod
A good way to prevent narcissists from being attracted to politics in the first place, buy uroxatral cod is to reform the way politics is done. Buy uroxatral cod A humbler political system that only offers to politicians what they really need in order to do their job, buy uroxatral cod that is caring, buy uroxatral cod transparent and truly accountable and that is run in the true spirit of service to the people, buy uroxatral cod is unlikely to attract narcissists because they will not find in it the commodities they so covet. Avivigail Abarbanel's original article can be found at: