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Farewell Helen Thomas

by Paul Woodward 

It’s good that Helen Thomas will no longer be in White House press briefings. Buy yerba diet Not because she sullied the reputation of the Washington press corps with a few undiplomatic remarks, buy yerba diet but because those who lack her boldness and bluntness will no longer be able to use her presence to foster the illusion that American journalism still values courage. When Thomas was asked during a White House Jewish Heritage Celebration on May 27 (before the Mavi Marmara massacre) whether she had any comments on Israel, buy yerba diet she said without a pause: “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.” “It’s their land, buy yerba diet” Thomas asserted, buy yerba diet referring to the Palestinians and baldly challenging the notion that Israel was founded on land that belongs to the Jews. Buy yerba diet When asked where the Jews should go, buy yerba diet she said they should “go home” — to Germany, buy yerba diet Poland, buy yerba diet America or from wherever else they had emigrated to Israel. As soon as the video of Thomas’ remarks was made public, buy yerba diet Washington’s mechanisms of tribal discipline swiftly kicked into gear. Her words were “unconscionably callous and vile, buy yerba diet” said Andrew Sullivan. Buy yerba diet “Thomas deserved what she got, buy yerba diet” said Dana Millbank. Buy yerba diet Both saw her departure as a loss, buy yerba diet yet just as President Obama deemed her words “out of line, buy yerba diet” no one in Washington was willing to go to the heart of what she said...... (con't) The rest of Paul's piece is found at  and/or Paul's own site, buy yerba diet