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Rachel There have been a series of individuals and events which have opened my eyes to the realities happening in occupied Palestine, buy zantac in us and to the horrific actions and policies being implemented by the Israeli government towards the people living there, buy zantac in us and as well to those who actively oppose such policies.    One such individual was Rachel Corrie. Buy zantac in us Please watch this short video. Rachel was a 23 year old activist from Washington State who had a promising future ahead.   From her early years there seemed to be something special about Rachel.   There also seemed something special about the quality of education she received, buy zantac in us which from an early age, buy zantac in us focused on important social and environmental issues which seems unfortunately unique compared to the more standard education model taught in our schools today.  While most young girls are more concerned with Barbies, buy zantac in us clothes and make up, buy zantac in us Rachel from what I've read seemed to have much bigger concerns on her mind.    I came across a link which showed an older clip of Rachel when she must have been no older than five or six, buy zantac in us giving a grade school speech about poverty and how it affects children in other countries.   Even at such a young age she was eloquent and poised.  It was apparent that the issue of ending human suffering was a driving force for Rachel all her life. Rachel at Capital High School, buy zantac in us Olympia, buy zantac in us WA When she was 23, buy zantac in us Rachel entered the war torn world of occupied Palestine with a hand ful of other activists from the International Solidarity Movement.  An ISM protest in Gaza against Israel's shooting of Palestinian children. Buy zantac in us On the right, buy zantac in us Rachel Corrie When she arrived, buy zantac in us  Rachel and the other activists attended two days of training in non-violent resistance and essentially volunteered to protect and block Palestinian homes that were being demolished by the Israeli Defense Forces.     Rachel Corrie chats with a Palestinian friend, buy zantac in us living in a dire situation in Rafah, buy zantac in us Gaza. To listen to Rachel as she was volunteering in occupied Palestine only days before her death, buy zantac in us watch the powerful video below: On March 16th, buy zantac in us 2003 an Israeli soldier driving a bulldozer two-stories high crushed to death 23-year-old Rachel Corrie.  According to witnesses and photographic documentation, buy zantac in us she was killed intentionally.   Rachel Corrie stands in front of an Israeli army bulldozer wearing an orange jacket so that she can be easily identified and seen. Rachel as she stands between an Israeli bulldozer and a Palestinian physician's house in the southern Gaza town of Rafah. The Israeli bulldozer ran over her and then backed up, buy zantac in us crushing her chest and skull. Friends try to help Rachel as they wait for transportation to the nearest hospital.  However, buy zantac in us she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.  With five other nonviolent human rights defenders, buy zantac in us Rachel had been in front of a family home in Palestine, buy zantac in us standing in front of the property in hopes of protecting it from being destroyed.   That day the Palestinian home was not destroyed.  However the life of Rachel Corrie was destroyed by an Israeli soldier who crushed her under the weight of the bulldozer.  "Rachel and a handful of others practicing Gandhian nonviolence in the Gaza Strip had been pleading with Israeli soldiers for two hours not to destroy a Palestinian family home. Buy zantac in us Suddenly, buy zantac in us the Israeli bulldozer operator began driving his giant bulldozer toward the home, buy zantac in us Rachel sitting in the bulldozer’s path. Buy zantac in us Witnesses report that she then stood up on the mound of debris and dirt pushed by the bulldozer blade and looked straight at the operator through the window. Buy zantac in us He continued, buy zantac in us and she was pulled underneath the tractor, buy zantac in us its blade crushing her. Buy zantac in us He then backed up, buy zantac in us running over her again, buy zantac in us burying her deeper into the dirt."  ( ) I have been profoundly moved by Rachel's life, buy zantac in us as have thousands of others.  Her life, buy zantac in us and death, buy zantac in us have changed me. I hope Rachel may change you as well. Buy zantac in us A quote worth sharing: "Ironically, buy zantac in us Rachel's killer was granted an honor and privilege few of us will ever know: He looked directly into the eyes of a humanitarian young woman of utter bravery, buy zantac in us deep conviction, buy zantac in us and selfless courage. A person who, buy zantac in us when confronted with violence and hatred, buy zantac in us refused to strike back to save herself or those she had pledged to protect, buy zantac in us but relied instead on the sheer force of her spirit and her firm belief in the sacred principles of International Humanitarian Law. Buy zantac in us He saw humanity at its very best. Buy zantac in us She was a victim of humanity at its very worst. Buy zantac in us Rachel's body was fragile, buy zantac in us no match for a US-supplied armoured Caterpillar bulldozer; it is broken now, buy zantac in us her life extinguished. Buy zantac in us The goals and visions for which she sacrificed her life, buy zantac in us however, buy zantac in us are as tough and resilient as was her spirit, buy zantac in us and not so easily expunged. Buy zantac in us May the tragedy of her death, buy zantac in us and the nobility and courage of her life, buy zantac in us inspire all High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions to do their sacred duty and halt Israeli impunity."