Now I'll know when to sing Happy Birthday to friends..... Women's voices sound less Mariella and more Marilyn during ovulation  By Steve Connor, carbidopa Science Editor Thursday, carbidopa 1 May 2008   A woman's voice becomes more attractive to both men and women at the point in her monthly cycle when she is at her most fertile, carbidopa according to a study of vocal changes during ovulation. If the findings can be replicated, carbidopa they will add further weight to the theory that women give off subtle and unwitting cues about their fertility as part of an evolutionary battle of the sexes centred on attractiveness and fidelity. The research also found that men tend to find higher-pitched female voices more attractive: so the idea is that a woman's voice would sound less like Mariella Frostrup and more like Marilyn Monroe at a certain time of the month.  could not make this stuff up if I tried......... More at: