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Living Local: What Does Eating Local Mean? What does eating local mean?   Well, cheap bcaa online it depends on who you ask. For the Sustainable Food Center, cheap bcaa online the nonprofit that runs the Downtown, cheap bcaa online Triangle and Sunset Valley Farmers markets in Austin, cheap bcaa online it means that the food is being brought by the person who raised/grew it or created the product from within a 150 mile radius of Austin. According to Wikipedia, cheap bcaa online locavore means someone who eats locally produced food within 50, cheap bcaa online 100 or 150 miles of their home. Cheap bcaa online  Barbara Kingsolver and her family, cheap bcaa online in her book Animal, cheap bcaa online Vegetable, cheap bcaa online Miracle, cheap bcaa online challenged themselves to a year of eating only things produced within 100 miles of home, cheap bcaa online thus inspiring the 100 mile diet. For me, cheap bcaa online I lean toward SFC's definition since I shop at their markets most often. Cheap bcaa online  I get a CSA basket from Farmhouse Delivery every other week and I supplement that with more produce and meat from the local markets. Cheap bcaa online I'm growing a bunch of herbs and few vegetables on my patio. Cheap bcaa online  I buy staples from the grocery store, cheap bcaa online almost always H-E-B or Central Market as they are a Texas-based retailer that gives back to the community in a big way. Whenever it's an option, cheap bcaa online I buy an Austin or Texas brand because I like to support local businesses. Cheap bcaa online About once a month, cheap bcaa online I treat myself and shop at Antonelli's Cheese and buy lovely cheeses from Texas and around the world while visiting with one of the most charming couples in Austin. Cheap bcaa online  Whenever I eat out, cheap bcaa online I try to pick a place that sources some of their products locally. Cheap bcaa online   This works for me. Cheap bcaa online  It's not "perfect, cheap bcaa online" but then I'm not perfect. Cheap bcaa online  It's good and I feel good about it. You need to decide what local means for you. Cheap bcaa online  I can't tell you what is best for you, cheap bcaa online your life and your situation. Cheap bcaa online  And, cheap bcaa online I'm not going to tell you what you are doing is wrong. Cheap bcaa online  I admire my friend Carla for her Year with No Grocery Store Challenge, cheap bcaa online but I couldn't do it. Cheap bcaa online  It's right for her, cheap bcaa online but not for me. So, cheap bcaa online why I am on this rant?  Because I want to tell you what's NOT local. Recently, cheap bcaa online a friend asked me if I was going to cover the new farmers market in NW Austin. Cheap bcaa online  I told her I had already covered the Cedar Park market opening this weekend (March 27th), cheap bcaa online which is when she told me she meant the Sprouts Farmers Market near the Arboretum. Cheap bcaa online  Ugh!

It's understandable that my friend was confused, cheap bcaa online after all the sign at Sprouts says Farmers Market on it. Cheap bcaa online  But let's be clear - SPROUTS IS NOT A FARMERS MARKET. Cheap bcaa online  A farmers market has farmers at it. Cheap bcaa online  Those farmers are from the surrounding area. Cheap bcaa online  The only Texas produce that I could find at Sprouts were microgreens from Keller, cheap bcaa online TX and herbs from Rice, cheap bcaa online TX. Cheap bcaa online  None of the meat is local. Cheap bcaa online  None of the cheese is local. Cheap bcaa online They don't even carry Mozzarella Co. Cheap bcaa online cheese from Dallas. Cheap bcaa online   I'm sure the dairy farmers in Wisconsin are lovely people, cheap bcaa online but they aren't coming to our farmers markets and defining Wisconsin as our "surrounding area" would be stretch for anyone. But I'm not just picking on Sprouts. Cheap bcaa online  Newflower Farmers Market on Manchaca isn't a farmers market either, cheap bcaa online it's a grocery store. Cheap bcaa online  I like grocery stores, cheap bcaa online I may even love my H-E-B, cheap bcaa online but I don't like grocery stores that pretend to be farmers markets. Cheap bcaa online As it turns out Walmart is probably carrying more local produce than the Sprouts or Newflower "farmers markets." Real farmers markets can be confusing as well. Cheap bcaa online  In addition to allowing vendors from different distances, cheap bcaa online some markets allow vendors to resell produce from other farms. Cheap bcaa online  The reselling at the Dallas Farmers Market was obvious (pineapples? really?), cheap bcaa online but it won't always be that clear. Cheap bcaa online Only producer or grower markets require that all the product be from the seller's farm. Restaurants bring their own set of problems. Cheap bcaa online  One local restaurant, cheap bcaa online who has recently changed at least their online menu, cheap bcaa online listed a Farmers Market salad for many months. Cheap bcaa online  That's great except the salad had green peas and endive in it. Cheap bcaa online In August. Cheap bcaa online  In Austin. Cheap bcaa online  It might have been a farmers market salad, cheap bcaa online but not from our farmers market. Cheap bcaa online  They also had salmon on the Farm to Table menu. Cheap bcaa online  Again, cheap bcaa online there's no salmon swimming up stream in the Colorado. Cheap bcaa online  I'm fine with non-local items on a menu, cheap bcaa online but don't call it farmers market or farm to table when it's not. Another family of restaurants bought from a local farm for years and advertised as such. Cheap bcaa online  The problem?  When they stopped buying from the farm, cheap bcaa online they didn't change their ads. So, cheap bcaa online what's a consumer to do?  Ask questions. Cheap bcaa online  Ask lots and lots of questions.  If you are shopping at a new farmers market, cheap bcaa online go to the information booth and ask them about the type of vendors and the distances they travel. Cheap bcaa online At the booths, cheap bcaa online ask the farmers where they are from and how the produce their food. Cheap bcaa online At a new grocery store, cheap bcaa online ask if they carry local products in the produce and meat departments. At a restaurant that says they work with local farms, cheap bcaa online ask which dishes include local ingredients. Cheap bcaa online  No restaurant in Austin uses 100% local products, cheap bcaa online but many are adding more and more local items to the menu because people are asking for them.

I recently visited 24 Diner for breakfast. Cheap bcaa online  When I walked in, cheap bcaa online I saw the sticker on the door saying they work with Farm to Table, cheap bcaa online a purveyor who connects restaurants with farms (they are not affiliated with this blog), cheap bcaa online and I saw the list of local produce on the blackboard. Cheap bcaa online  I reviewed the menu and found a dish that looked like it contained some of the items from the board, cheap bcaa online but, cheap bcaa online before I ordered, cheap bcaa online I asked the waitress if the frittata was made with local vegetables. Cheap bcaa online  She confirmed that it was. It wasn't hard to ask and the waitress didn't seem to mind that I was asking. Cheap bcaa online She actually seemed pleased that someone was bothering to read the board. Cheap bcaa online  It was worth "bothering" her. Maybe if we let more restaurants, cheap bcaa online farmers markets and grocery stores know that we are paying attention, cheap bcaa online they'll pay more attention too. Cheap bcaa online It's at least worth asking.  Original article found at: