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Some good news for Dr. Cheap flagyl er online Fredrick Toben, cheap flagyl er online although he has already been through quite an ordeal apparently, cheap flagyl er online which continues as the Prosecution has filed an appeal. Cheap flagyl er online I have to wonder, cheap flagyl er online when and why did questioning historic events, cheap flagyl er online more specifically with regards to the Holocaust, cheap flagyl er online become illegal in ten countries?    Isn't it through the process of historic debate, cheap flagyl er online that we are supposed to question and explore events which have preceded us?
Dr. Cheap flagyl er online Frederick Toben wins first round of UK extradition case
October 30, cheap flagyl er online 2008
Australian historian Frederick Toben has won the first round of his fight against extradition to Germany from Britain. Cheap flagyl er online

A London judge ruled overnight that the European arrest warrant used to detain Dr Toben in Britain for extradition earlier this month was invalid because it did not provide enough
detail. Cheap flagyl er online

However, cheap flagyl er online the case appears far from over, cheap flagyl er online with lawyers representing German prosecutors, cheap flagyl er online who want to try Dr Toben for his alleged anti-Semitic views, cheap flagyl er online preparing to appeal to Britain's
High Court. Cheap flagyl er online

Dr Toben's solicitor Kevin Lowry-Mullins described today's ruling as a victory and said the academic, cheap flagyl er online who has been granted bail, cheap flagyl er online looked forward to the High Court hearing his case. Cheap flagyl er online

“Dr Toben is of good cheer, cheap flagyl er online (but) he realises we still have an uphill struggle, cheap flagyl er online” Mr Lowry-Mullins told reporters. Cheap flagyl er online

Dr Toben was arrested while in transit at London's Heathrow airport on October 1 under a warrant issued by Germany, cheap flagyl er online which accuses him of racism and publishing anti-Semitic views. Cheap flagyl er online

But Westminster Magistrates Court district judge Daphne Wickham ruled the extradition could not go ahead because the warrant contained only “sparse” details about Dr Toben's
alleged offences, cheap flagyl er online including exactly what they were as well as where and when they took place. Cheap flagyl er online

“This judgment makes no determination as to whether the (alleged) conduct (of Toben) ... Cheap flagyl er online amounts to an extradition offence, cheap flagyl er online” Justice Wickham said. Cheap flagyl er online

“But I do find the particulars in the warrant are vague and imprecise. Cheap flagyl er online

“Therefore I don't find it to be a valid warrant and I can discharge the defendant.”

Granting Dr Toben bail, cheap flagyl er online the judge laid down a set of strict conditions including that he come up with 100, cheap flagyl er online000 pounds ($247, cheap flagyl er online465) in cash as security. Cheap flagyl er online

He must also reside at a specific address approved by British authorities, cheap flagyl er online report daily to police but not use the internet or speak to the media or attend public meetings. Cheap flagyl er online

Dr Toben's lawyers had argued that the arrest warrant was fatally flawed because it did not detail the time and place of the alleged offences or the 64-year-old's exact involvement. Cheap flagyl er online

However, cheap flagyl er online lawyers acting on Germany's behalf said Dr Toben should extradited so he could be put on trial for posting anti-Semetic and revisionist material on the internet between
2000 and 2004 in Australia, cheap flagyl er online Germany and other countries. Cheap flagyl er online

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