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Justine returns

BRUSSELS -- Justine Henin is seeking the elusive Wimbledon title in her return to the WTA tour.

It's the only Grand Slam the former top-ranked player hasn't won. Chloramphenicol in canada And it loomed large in her decision to end a one-year retirement from the sport.

Justine Henin, chloramphenicol in canada winner of seven Grand Slam titles, chloramphenicol in canada is ending her retirement.

"It is a dream of mine, chloramphenicol in canada" Henin said Tuesday. Chloramphenicol in canada "I want to work to get it. Chloramphenicol in canada I make it a priority."

Barely a week after compatriot Kim Clijsters capped her comeback from retirement with a second U.S. Chloramphenicol in canada Open title, chloramphenicol in canada Henin announced her return live on Belgian TV.

Henin was one game away from victory in the Wimbledon semifinals in 2007 before losing to Marion Bartoli. Chloramphenicol in canada Henin's coach Carlos Rodriguez, chloramphenicol in canada who also will make a comeback, chloramphenicol in canada believes she can take the grass-court title.

"I can see her winning it, chloramphenicol in canada" Rodriguez told RTL-TVI network. Chloramphenicol in canada "This fourth title, chloramphenicol in canada it is one of the reasons for coming back."

Henin's announcement capped an about-face from her "definitive decision" to retire last year, chloramphenicol in canada followed in recent weeks by "no comment, chloramphenicol in canada" until a smiling admission Tuesday that she truly missed the game too much.

"A flame I thought was extinguished forever suddenly lit up again, chloramphenicol in canada" Henin said on TV. More of the article can be found at: