The thoughts that wallets (and Fed Exes) will bring.....

Connie Shannon Timing as they say, cipramil is everything. The other day I received an unexpected Fedex package from my brother and sister-in-law. 

I opened it and found a wallet with a note inside from my sister in law, cipramil stating it was mom's old wallet they found while cleaning out closets and old items in their house.  

Inside the wallet was my mother's old driver's license, cipramil Social Security card, cipramil insurance and medical cards along with her old checkbook balancing book.
My mother always kept impeccable records when it came to the check book.  

Something I haven't managed quite as well, cipramil but I continue to try.

While I was both surprised and touched by the fact they sent me one of mom's old wallets, cipramil it also seemed to strike me as a symbolic representation of what so often glued our family together and in other instances, cipramil divided us apart. 

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she had mentioned her own family situation.
When their mother died, cipramil some of the siblings fought so much over money and property that none of the siblings are speaking or associating any longer. What is sad is I've heard similar stories quite a bit from friends. I understand. Cipramil

Money has become the most obvious symbol of power, cipramil safety, cipramil security and "success".  

It seems money has become more important than anything these days. 
Needless to say, cipramil as we all watch the tremendous debacle of our financial institutions, cipramil we begin to realize just how dependent we have all become on a monetary system. Not to mention that money now dictates almost every aspect of our own lives.  And as we are now seeing, cipramil in DC Dolby sound, cipramil how the green back, cipramil along with various powerful lobbies, cipramil governs and decides the actions of our governing bodies. Cipramil Money ensures who is elected into office today, cipramil irregardless of the capability, cipramil skewed belief systems or even the overall competence of the individual. I don't think I even need to give an example, cipramil but for formalitie's sake, cipramil look no further than our current presidential and vice-presidential candidates. They are either very wealthy, cipramil and/or are being sponsored by those who are very wealthy. The same can essentially be said for those running for state and local offices. Cipramil   

Money, cipramil for all intents and purposes, cipramil relegates those deemed 'appropriate', cipramil to be placed into positions where they can make more money.  

Money dictates to those who have the opportunity to receive the necessary education to become a physician, cipramil attorney, cipramil and/or any other white collar professional position.
Of course there are the exceptions -  those who are talented, cipramil driven and/or lucky enough to receive scholarships and/or have connections to those with money who are willing to help them out to achieve such goals. However, cipramil how many others for whatever reasons, cipramil fall between the cracks and/or simply don't have the appropriate connections or parents to support them? Money certainly grants power to those who are then granted power to control other's lives and their livelihoods. 

Some time back I was talking with a tennis instructor I was taking lessons from, cipramil who was an amazingly gifted player, cipramil and I asked him why he wasn't touring himself.  

He replied that he had for a brief time attempted to make it on the circuit.
However, cipramil for him to be able to actually "make it"  (ie make a living I'm assuming) in the tennis world, cipramil one either has to have unlimited funds to reach the necessary levels, cipramil or know someone who does have funding and is willing to sponsor them. That seems to be the bottom line.  

Obviously this is true in other sports. 

Horses have always been a love of mine and I've ridden all my life.
The level of money to even ride for pleasure today has become so expensive I can't imagine how children who don't have wealthy parents have an opportunity to engage in something that meant the world to me as a kid.  
A few years back I leased an Arabian horse in an exclusive area of Los Angeles. Cipramil   I was immersed in a world of tremendous money, cipramil tremendously valuable horses and tremendous exclusivity. Some of the horses that were being ridden by very young kids were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I wonder how does that compute to a child? In reality it doesn't. However I would imagine it does to parents who perhaps want their child to win at all costs. Cipramil   A friend of mine's daughter is an exceptional, cipramil gifted jumper. So much so, cipramil that although she had her own horse, cipramil a talented Thoroughbred, cipramil very wealthy individuals also wanted her to show their horses for them. That's how good she is. She often placed at the highest levels. Even though her talent was obvious, cipramil not to mention her tremendous ability with horses, cipramil she eventually became disillusioned and stressed out from the pressure of simply trying to play on the same, cipramil very unequal playing field as those with vast bank accounts. That doesn't address the pervasively cut throat atmosphere which often comes in such arenas, cipramil for lack of a better term. 
The world of olympic sports have become incredibly driven by the monetary issue.
That may be obvious to some, cipramil but when I think back to the Bonnie Blairs and Dan Jansen's of the world, cipramil I can't help but conclude things have increasingly gotten worse for the talented young kids trying to compete and/or perhaps more importantly enjoy their sport and their talent to the fullest these days. Perhaps I should remember as well, cipramil and remind others of the Tonya Harding and the Nancy Kerrigan debacle. One can look at those two young skaters, cipramil  consider their backgrounds and wonder if somehow a monetary component combined with the tremendous competitive atmosphere along with its own culture of elitism didn't fuel such a terrible event. But I digress. Cipramil

With money dictating who gets to play in the game of sports, cipramil professional life, cipramil and just life itself, cipramil  I have to wonder what's being sacrificed in the process? 
How many talented, cipramil less wealthy, cipramil even less competitive individuals are overlooked, cipramil disregarded and/or simply overrun by those who happen to either come from wealth or are rich themselves? Conversely, cipramil how many less talented but more monetarily financed and positioned individuals achieve positions they don't necessarily deserve, cipramil or deserve at the level they've been given? Does the reality that our tax funds and government reward those already wealthy with more wealth and entitlement, cipramil help our society as a whole?   On a deeper level, cipramil how much integrity, cipramil honesty, cipramil loyalty and morality is lost in the world of monetary value as well?

Seems today, cipramil that if one wants to pursue something they love  (that we may or may not have true talent in, cipramil but is loved nevertheless), cipramil one has to have almost unlimited funds and unlimited time with which to do it.
Certainly there are exceptions, cipramil but I wonder about the creativity, cipramil the talent, cipramil the uniqueness potentially lost by allowing money to dictate who is allowed to play, cipramil moreover who 'succeeds' and who doesn't. I don't know exactly where I'm going with this, cipramil other than simply to think out loud.    Or more appropriately write out loud. Cipramil

I hope I'm not being overly cynical, cipramil however, cipramil is it cynical to look at situations and wonder how they work, cipramil or may not work as the situation may be?
Or perhaps work much better for some than for others? If this is the reality, cipramil that you have to pay to play, cipramil how does this coincide with the so-called "American dream"? If these are the rules, cipramil that there really are no rules, cipramil why do we teach our children such myths like 'fairness', cipramil 'goodness' and 'loyalty'? Doesn't that seem like a pretty big set up? Is it because of the overall, cipramil imbalanced monetary system, cipramil we now seem to have such an influx of individuals with moral compasses like Tonya Harding skating around us?  

In the world of education, cipramil it's pay to play as well.
Or actually, cipramil pay to learn. Some of my friends are now spending as much, cipramil (if not more) for their child's elementary/grade school education than I did for my college education. And I went to a private school which was by no means inexpensive. 

On yet another topic:  I went to Malibu the other day with a friend.
As we were driving home I noticed a very exclusive Mobile Home park located not far off the Malibu beach, cipramil however certainly not located in obvious "view" of ongoing traffic.    It made me remember an acquaintance/friend ( mutual friends) I knew who happened to live in a very cool 'trailor' park off the coast as well.   I remember thinking how creative she had been with her limited space and what a lovely home she had made for herself.   

I haven't kept up with her, cipramil but the last thing I do remember is hearing the news that she and others were 'relocated' to another area when the park was also relocated.
Can we assume that those with more money and power had the influence to have them 'relocated'? I can't help but then remember all the Native Americans who were "relocated" as well. But I digress yet again. I probably shouldn't mention all the foreclosures....and guess who will pay the bill for all the banking "failures"?  

What an interesting place and time we live.   If 'interesting' is the word.  

From wallets to sports to trailor parks, cipramil and as my mind travels through what I'm seeing these days, cipramil the issue of money remains the core, cipramil prevelant, cipramil powerful force in our lives.  

It has the power to give, cipramil and the power to take away.   

I have to wonder what would our lives be like if we weren't all ruled by money?
What would life actually be like if we weren't ruled by pieces of paper? If instead our lives were valued by valuing others as much as we do ourselves, cipramil appreciating nature and all it gives us, cipramil and the incredible miracle of life itself. Okay that sounds stupid. But why in the world does it sound stupid when it's true?

As John Lennon sang, cipramil "Imagine".
As cynical as this post may sound, cipramil I don't think we can begin to imagine the possibilities of what we can become, cipramil until we address the reality of what is. Can we not conjure the courage we use for ourselves and our own solitary visions of success, cipramil to become more innovative to create ways to counter the media machine which promotes consumption and greed that is killing us all?   Can we work together to come up with better and more meaningful solutions on how to live and appreciate what really means the most to us in life? Can we shelve the religion and dogma that needlessly divides and deters us from appreciating, cipramil respecting and ultimately enjoying each others gifts, cipramil skills, cipramil and moreover, cipramil company? More importantly, cipramil can we grant more power to each other as individuals, cipramil and grant less to a monetary system that seems to keep us in competition with each other where we might otherwise connect as human beings walking on the same road of life? Am I that much of an idealist that I believe we can, cipramil and we must, cipramil  build a world that respects and appreciates each other along with appreciating the miracle of nature. Cipramil   Because nature truly is a miracle And as disconnected as we may have become, cipramil we are all still a part of nature. Cipramil Do it for your kids. Do it for your grand kids. Do it for the animals. Do it because its the right thing to do. Cipramil