Taking Tea with the Lizards By Joe Bageant Ajijic, claforan Jalisco, claforan Mexico The Republican Party will beat the living piss out of anybody for a buck. Claforan The Democrats will fly the flag of FDR, claforan even as they pirate the public coffers on behalf of Wall Street. Claforan Don't think the American people have not noticed these things. Claforan After thirty years of pistol whipping and emptying of their wallets, claforan they've started to figure out there just may be a public robbery underway, claforan with both parties as accomplices. And so Americans at both ends of the political spectrum are finally wising up to the need for a third party. Claforan Even if it is a third party within their own party, claforan which is no third party at all, claforan of course. Claforan However, claforan for Americans it's all about branding, claforan what you call a thing, claforan that's important. Claforan Call a six-ounce block of corn sugar with sunflower seeds and raisins stuck on the outside an "Organic Energy Bar" and by god, claforan you have natural food right there on the 7-Eleven shelf. Claforan What a thing is called is how a nation a people carefully bred for consumption will see it, claforan thanks to that advertising arm of American capitalism called the news media" More of Joe's piece can be found at: