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Found this article at an interesting website called Learning to Love Yourself is a Pointless Waste of Time

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. Clomid overnight delivery
But the self is not something one finds, clomid overnight delivery it is something one creates. ~Thomas Szasz, clomid overnight delivery “Personal Conduct, clomid overnight delivery” The Second Sin, clomid overnight delivery 1973
Remember when the hippy dippy girl with the dreads was the only one dashing off to Indonesia to ‘find herself?’

Now everyone under 30 is off searching for themselves in some misguided attempt to discover inner peace and the results are nothing to write home about. Clomid overnight delivery

Usually, clomid overnight delivery when people ‘find themselves, clomid overnight delivery’ the only thing they really discover is more things to hate.

The reason for this is simple: If you’re spending all your time focusing inward, clomid overnight delivery it’s pretty impossible to make a positive impact anywhere else. Clomid overnight delivery

Self fulfillment never comes after looking in the mirror and finally realizing you’re a raging narcissist.

“Love yourself!” the Self Esteem Police often howls to the masses, clomid overnight delivery “You’ll never learn to love another until you love yourself!

Take care of yourself before you take care of others! You! You! You! It’s all about you!”

Even people who have had this theory beat into their head since birth are having trouble applying it positively to their life. Clomid overnight delivery

The only thing continuous introspection has taught them is they’re not particularly lovable in the first place. Clomid overnight delivery

And spending every waking moment of their life in a sad attempt to create the image of prosperity with ultimately meaningless status symbols ultimately makes them feel empty and alone.

So what should they do?

Lose weight?

Quit smoking?

Buy a bigger house or a nicer car?

Secure a spot on a reality TV show and pursue fame and fortune? What will finally make people happy?

Where oh where can they possibly find a little self respect?

Much like most things in life, clomid overnight delivery the answer to this question is embarrassingly simple: If you want to self respect, clomid overnight delivery live a life worth respecting. Clomid overnight delivery

If you want people to care about you, clomid overnight delivery you need to care about them. Clomid overnight delivery

Self love will come only after you learn to love another. Clomid overnight delivery

The Self Esteem Police have always had it totally backwards. Clomid overnight delivery

A person should spend the majority of their time looking outwards, clomid overnight delivery as opposed to obsessing over every little nuance of their innermost psyche.

So many people have told me they want their lives to ‘mean’ something. Clomid overnight delivery

What always strikes me about these breathlessly whispered proclamations is how little they are actively doing to make an impact. Clomid overnight delivery

It’s almost as if they believe the elusive ‘meaning’ they are searching for will randomly pop into their lives as they cross the street to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks.

I’m tired of listening to people insist they want to do great things while simultaneously highlighting paragraphs out of poorly thought out self help books. Clomid overnight delivery

I’d like to know what people are doing. Clomid overnight delivery

This world is shit and there is no shortage of places to make an impact.

So, clomid overnight delivery what are you doing?

Every single person on this planet should being volunteering for something. Clomid overnight delivery

I don’t care if you’re an over privileged millionaire or legitimately in need yourself, clomid overnight delivery good things come to those who give back. Clomid overnight delivery

And this isn’t some hocus pocus karma theory, clomid overnight delivery either. Clomid overnight delivery

I know I’d personally rather help the single Mom who spends her weekends dolling out soup to the homeless rather than the one who spends all her time whining on her blog about all the bills she can’t pay. Clomid overnight delivery People help those who are worth their good will. Clomid overnight delivery

People worth good will are those who offer it before they need it themselves.

Of course, clomid overnight delivery not every cause is for everyone which is where I think so many people go wrong when looking for volunteer work. Clomid overnight delivery

When I was young, clomid overnight delivery I started volunteering for an organization aimed at helping certain victimized individuals and only ended up feeling disgust and disdain for the people I was supposed to be helping. Clomid overnight delivery

After becoming increasingly disenchanted with my work, clomid overnight delivery I threw up my hands and insisted that volunteering wasn’t right for me.

Looking back, clomid overnight delivery I can see now that volunteering my time wasn’t the negative. Clomid overnight delivery

I had simply chosen an issue I couldn’t heartily get behind. Clomid overnight delivery

Rather than give up and live 3 years of my life devoid of soul and the inner peace one gains when they sincerely feel like they’re making a difference, clomid overnight delivery I should have merely sought out a new cause. Clomid overnight delivery

Now I’m involved in multiple causes that I emotionally invested in and I can say with complete certainty that the small successes I make with my various groups are the happiest moments of my life. Clomid overnight delivery

The whole world is not about me. Clomid overnight delivery

It’s about what I can do while I’m here to make even the slightest impact.

If you don’t respect adults, clomid overnight delivery help children. Clomid overnight delivery If you’re not particularly fond of children, clomid overnight delivery help animals. Clomid overnight delivery

If Americans drive you nuts, clomid overnight delivery help people in other countries. Clomid overnight delivery The environment is going to shit. Clomid overnight delivery

There are diseases that need curing. Clomid overnight delivery

Sick, clomid overnight delivery infirm, clomid overnight delivery elderly people need someone to visit them. Clomid overnight delivery

Trash needs picked up on the highway. Clomid overnight delivery

Your neighbor could use some help fixing her fucking fence. Clomid overnight delivery

There is plenty to do in this world. Clomid overnight delivery

Rather than spend your time wondering how you can feel fulfilled, clomid overnight delivery why not try doing something somewhat fulfilling?

Look outward and your innards will work themselves out.
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