Cocaine Dependence

Israel forces UN to suspend food distribution in Gaza Excerpts: Israel usually allows some humanitarian supplies into Gaza, cocaine dependence but even this has stopped over the past week, cocaine dependence leading to harsh criticism from aid agencies. "Pushing people to the brink of desperation every few months and forcing UNRWA into yet another cycle of crisis management is not in the interest of anyone who believes in peace, cocaine dependence moderation and stability, cocaine dependence" said Gunness. Israel also cut off European Union-funded fuel supplies to Gaza's sole power plant on Thursday, cocaine dependence prompting it to close down for want of diesel. "It is completely shut down, cocaine dependence" Palestinian Energy Authority official Qanaan Obeid told AFP. The plant, cocaine dependence which provides between a quarter and a third of Gaza's power with the rest coming from the Egyptian and Israeli national grids, cocaine dependence shut down on Monday after Israel cut off fuel deliveries. Israel allowed the supply of what it described as "minimal quantities" of fuel to the plant on Tuesday and Wednesday before cutting it off again on Thursday. ICRC mission chief Katharina Ritz said that "every day the situation is getting more and more precarious for Gazans, cocaine dependence" adding that there was a desperate need for medical supplies. The Israeli military confirmed the closure of Gaza continued. "The crossings will remain closed today for security reasons, cocaine dependence" defence ministry spokesman Peter Lerner said. Reopening the crossings "has been delayed because of the mortar shelling that impedes the proper functioning of the crossing points, cocaine dependence" he said. The Israeli government generally responds to Gaza attacks by sealing off the territory, cocaine dependence cutting off the already limited basic supplies it allows in under the blockade it imposed after Hamas seized control in June last year. Israel had been expected to significantly ease its embargo after a six-month truce went into effect on June 19, cocaine dependence but it argues that sporadic attacks by militants have made this impossible. On Wednesday, cocaine dependence four Gaza gunmen identified as Hamas members were killed in an exchange of fire Israel said started after militants tried to place a bomb near the border fence. Militants fired several mortar rounds at Israel, cocaine dependence prompting two air strikes on the coastal strip. A flare-up last week left seven Palestinians dead and prompted Israel to close crossing points completely. Both sides accuse each other of violating the truce, cocaine dependence although Israel has indicated it would like to extend the ceasefire beyond its scheduled expiry on December 19. more at: