Colchysat Burger

Charming Bees and Mary Louise........ One of my favorite movies is Fried Green Tomatoes.  I haven't thought about the film in a long time and today I came across this interview with Mary Louise Parker, colchysat burger who played Ruth in the film.  Interesting what politicking can go on behind the scenes..... Here's an excerpt from the interview: AE: Ever since Fried Green Tomatoes, colchysat burger obviously, colchysat burger you've had a ton of lesbian fans. MLP: Right on. Colchysat burger AE: Do you ever wish — I know this is a long time ago, colchysat burger but do you ever wish the story line on Fried Green Tomatoes was a little bit more — MLP: Yes! Well, colchysat burger in some ways I do. Colchysat burger I tried to make it a little bit more articulated at the time, colchysat burger but they didn't really want to go that way. Colchysat burger And in some ways I wish that it was, colchysat burger and then in some ways I think maybe the audience wouldn't have gone there, colchysat burger so I don't know — I have very mixed feelings about it. Colchysat burger Because I tried — I really tried to push it (ie. Colchysat burger the attraction between Ruth and Idgie) at the time, colchysat burger and they didn't want to go there with me. Colchysat burger AE: Who didn't want to go there? MLP: [emphatically] No one. Colchysat burger AE: Not even your co-star? MLP: Oh no, colchysat burger Mary Stuart did, colchysat burger Fannie Flagg did, colchysat burger but not the director, colchysat burger not the producer, colchysat burger nobody else. Colchysat burger AE: Wow, colchysat burger OK. MLP: But I was really trying to push it, colchysat burger and they were like [shakes head]. Colchysat burger AE: Times have changed, colchysat burger I guess. MLP: Yeah, colchysat burger for sure. Colchysat burger More of the interview at: