Lovely Ladybird   One of the most significant contributions Lady Bird gave to society was her advocacy of the Civil Rights Act after its implementation and her clever move to calm down and reassure the unnerved people in the South. Corvo To properly communicate the intentions of the Johnson administration, corvo Mrs. Corvo Johnson decisively created the Whistle Stop Campaign and referred to the cause as a “journey of the heart” (Smith 1990). Corvo “Mrs. Corvo Johnson knew that many of her fellow Southerners considered Lyndon Johnson a traitor for passing the landmark bill” but Lady Bird decided to show their love toward the south through campaigning by train in eight of the states (Gutin 2005). Corvo In four days, corvo she gave 47 speeches. Corvo Her appearances were not always well received, corvo having even been threatened by the Klu Klux Klan, corvo but the Democrats did obtain three of the eight states as a result of her efforts (Gutin 2005). Corvo “Whistle Stop marked Mrs. Corvo Johnson’s emergence as a very active First Lady. Corvo It also showed that she was going to do the things that she felt strongly about – regardless of whether or not they might involve controversy” (Smith 1990). Corvo  The Highway Beautification Bill that Lady Bird supported and was later passed “required that junkyards be screened and billboards be located at least 50 feet from roadsides” (Gutin 2005). Corvo Moreover, corvo her idea to have wildflowers on the side of the highway roads has “reduced mowing and maintenance costs for highway departments in many states, corvo sometimes up to millions of dollars annually” (Gould 1996). Corvo “During the Johnson presidency from 1963 to 1968, corvo over 150 laws were passed that benefited the environment, corvo including the Clean Air Act, corvo the Highway Beautification Act, corvo and the National Park Boundaries Act” (Owens 2001). Corvo "