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Moral of the story - it pays to protest... The Tale of Burren Castle Hotel and the Israeli Flag On the 7th July Raymond Deane – an ardent campaigner for the rights of the Palestinian people – spotted the Israeli flag flying outside the Burren Castle Hotel in Lisdoonvarna Ireland. Coumadin online review He sent the following email to the hotel: "I could scarcely believe my eyes when I recently saw your hotel decorated with the flag of Israel . Coumadin online review Are you not aware that the state of Israel is a criminal state that has recently used forged Irish passports - thus putting Irish citizens at risk - when its operatives perpetrated a murder in Dubai ? Are you not aware that the state of Israel hi-jacked a ship and its largely Irish complement of passengers and crew in international waters, coumadin online review that it illegally imprisoned these Irish citizens in an Israeli jail, coumadin online review and that it failed to return such stolen property as mobile phones and cameras to them? And this is only to mention Israel 's crimes against this country, coumadin online review which have recently led the Irish government to expel an Israeli diplomat from our shores. Coumadin online review During the same abovementioned act of piracy in international waters, coumadin online review Israeli commandos attacked a defenceless Turkish passenger ship and murdered 9 of its passengers, coumadin online review unarmed peace activists. Coumadin online review Israel illegally occupies Palestinian and Syrian territory, coumadin online review illegally imposes a marine blockade and land siege on the Gaza strip, coumadin online review is building a Wall on Palestinian territory in violation of international law, coumadin online review and is building settlement-colonies throughout the Palestinian territories in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention. Coumadin online review This is not to mention the thousands of Palestinian lives that have been lost because of the actions of Israel 's brutal and out-of-control armed forces, coumadin online review acting illegally within those same occupied territories. I can assure you that many motorists who see this blood-stained flag as they pass your hotel will resolve to boycott your hotel and encourage everyone they know to do so also. Coumadin online review You are lending succour to state terrorism, coumadin online review and should be ashamed of yourselves. Sincerely - Raymond Deane --------------------------- Mark Audie of the hotel replied to Raymond Deane the same day: 2/ From: Mark Audie <burrencastle@> Date: Wed, coumadin online review Jul 7, coumadin online review 2010 at 6:18 PM Thank you for your comments. We all have our own political stands, coumadin online review and I respect yours. As for me, coumadin online review I believe in Israel and all they stand for. If your love is for the terrorist nations that support the killing of Isrealis, coumadin online review then so be it. Coumadin online review Israel belongs to the people of Israel and always will. Coumadin online review A land given to them by God, coumadin online review our creator. As long as they have to fight for their rights, coumadin online review I will be right behind them. We have lots of Israeli tourist staying at our hotel, coumadin online review and we show them that they are welcome in Ireland just as we show welcome to all countries who come visit. As for stopping people coming inside, coumadin online review it is quite the opposite. This is free country last I checked, coumadin online review so what flag we fly or what guests we have, coumadin online review has nothing at all to do with you. Long live the land of Israel , coumadin online review and the sooner the Palestine 's return to Jordan and Syria , coumadin online review the better The only terrorist here is you for supporting nations that continue to try bring down the nation of Israel . Please note. THEY NEVER WILL. Thank you again for sharing the narrow minded opinion of so many sad people. Have a great day. ------------------------ Then the IPSC in Dublin fired this one off to Whites Hotel head office in Ballyshannon on the 8th July: 3/ White's & Associated Hotels. Coumadin online review Head Office Ballyshannon, coumadin online review Co. Coumadin online review Donegal 8th July 2010 To the senior management of Whites Hotel Group, coumadin online review I am writing on behalf of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign ( IPSC ) – a national movement in support of the human rights of the Palestinian people – to express our concern and frankly, coumadin online review outrage, coumadin online review at the actions of one of your hotel managers, coumadin online review a Mr. Coumadin online review Mark Audie of the Burren Castle Hotel, coumadin online review Lisdoonvarna, coumadin online review Co. Coumadin online review Clare. We are writing to you as Whites Hotel Group (WHG) is the owner of the hotel in question. The background to the incident is as follows: Yesterday one of our members, coumadin online review the renowned composer Dr. Coumadin online review Raymond Deane, coumadin online review was passing your Burren Castle Hotel and noticed that the flag of Israel was being flown outside. Coumadin online review As a supporter of human rights for Palestinians, coumadin online review Dr. Coumadin online review Deane was shocked that the flag of a state that illegally occupies Palestine and carries out frequent internationally- condemned crimes against the Palestinian people – not to mention the abuse of Irish passports in the Dubai murder in January and the kidnapping of Irish citizens on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla last month – was proudly displayed over an Irish hotel. Dr. Coumadin online review Deane wrote to the hotel management to raise these issues. Coumadin online review In response, coumadin online review Mr. Coumadin online review Deane received a most extraordinary, coumadin online review unprofessional, coumadin online review vile and racist reply from a Mr. Coumadin online review Mark Audie. Coumadin online review The full correspondence is enclosed in this mail, coumadin online review but among the low-lights of Mr. Coumadin online review Audie’s reply include the assertions that “Israel belongs to the people of Israel and always will, coumadin online review [it was] given to them by God” and “the sooner the Palestine's [sic] return [sic] to Jordan and Syria, coumadin online review the better”. While such opinions are commonplace among right-wing Zionist zealots – and indeed Mr. Coumadin online review Audie is entitled to his own personal opinions no matter how disgustingly racist – it is simply outrageous that such ill-informed, coumadin online review offensive and utterly unprofessional nonsense was allowed to be issued as an official response to a concerned member of the public from a WHG hotel. It also beggars belief that WHG would see fit to even employ someone that holds such abhorrent views as a representative in the Irish tourist industry at all. Coumadin online review Surely there can be no place for racists and their bigoted opinions in the land of a hundred-thousand welcomes? This letter is to make Whites Hotel Group senior management aware of the reprehensible actions of Mr. Coumadin online review Audie, coumadin online review but also to inform you that we will be making a complaint about the hotel and Mr. Coumadin online review Audie’s conduct to An Bord Failte, coumadin online review as well as to the UN World Tourist Organisation and to various tourist boards in the Middle East. Coumadin online review Furthermore we have begun contacting local and national media outlets as well as publicising the incident on our website and Facebook page. We are confident that WHG will take the appropriate action against this reprehensible individual before he causes any more damage to your public standing. Coumadin online review However, coumadin online review should such action not be taken, coumadin online review we will be forced to conclude that far from wishing to distance senior management from such outrageous remarks, coumadin online review Whites actually endorses these disgraceful comments and that they were indeed made in an official capacity by Mr. Coumadin online review Audie. Coumadin online review The actions we would suggest you take are the following. Should the IPSC be led to conclude that WHG endorse the actions of Mr. Coumadin online review Audie, coumadin online review indeed that WHG is an organisation that is actively anti-Palestinian, coumadin online review then we would have no choice but to publicise widely the actions of your hotel chain. Coumadin online review We would have to inform our thousands of supporters in Ireland , coumadin online review but more importantly for your point of view, coumadin online review the millions worldwide that support the cause of Palestinian human rights. However we assume that Whites Hotel Group were unaware of and do not endorse the actions of this individual and that you will make the correct decisions, coumadin online review and we await your response. Yours sincerely, coumadin online review Freda Hughes Chairperson Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign ----- Two days ago Freda in the IPSC received this from Whites Hotel! 4/ Dear Freda, coumadin online review As per our telephone conversation today, coumadin online review 12 July2010, coumadin online review I would like to apologise for the whole incident and as of last Friday, coumadin online review 9 July 2010 when I was informed, coumadin online review I immediately got the flag taken down and the person in question has been verbally warned for his outrageous comments and views. Coumadin online review As I said on the phone, coumadin online review I completely disagree with the Israeli's views worldwide and I personally support the people in Gaza . Coumadin online review The White Hotel Group has no affiliation in the past or present with Israel . Please send on my sincere apologies to Raymond Deane and if you are ever in the area do call in to the Hydro Hotel for a chat. Yours sincerely, coumadin online review Marcus White Director White Hotel Group And again, coumadin online review the moral of this tale is that it pays to protest.