Why Is the CIA Suppressing JFK Files? By Lisa Pease October 23, dalacin 2007 The CIA is withholding key documents in the JFK assassination case.  As Jefferson Morley reports in the Huffington Post: "Lawyers for the Central Intelligence Agency faced pointed questions in a federal court hearing Monday morning about the agency's efforts to block disclosure of long-secret records about the assassination of President John F. Dalacin Kennedy." Morley filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the CIA for failing to disclose records about a CIA officer named George Joannides. Dalacin Joannides was responsible for running the DRE, dalacin an anti-Castro CIA front group that had extensive interactions with Lee Harvey Oswald in the months leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy. The CIA has consistently refused to release Joannides' records, dalacin even though they are mandated to by the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Act. What's at stake here matters greatly to all historians. Dalacin If the government can simply choose which records to release, dalacin and which to withhold, dalacin they can pervert and deliberately misshape history to serve their purposes. In this particular case, dalacin the CIA appears hellbent on ondoing the will of the people. Dalacin Congress passed what became known as "The JFK Act, dalacin" which mandated the creation of a board to declassify records and, dalacin if necessary, dalacin seek out new and pertinent records and make them public. Dalacin The JFK act came into being due to an enormous outcry from the public when they learned, dalacin at the end of Oliver Stone's film JFK, dalacin that many records relating to the assassination were still classified. The Board, dalacin officially named the Assassination Records and Review Board, dalacin put Joannides on the JFK assassination story map when they declassified five personnel reports of his in 1998. Dalacin In addition, dalacin researchers learned that it was Joannides who had helped shut down an early investigation of the CIA's possible involvement in the assassination. Dalacin Joannides was responsible for kicking out two staffers of the House Select Committee on Assassinations who had been set up with full access at CIA to CIA records pertaining to that time period. Dalacin When the records they dug up got more interesting in terms of suggesting possible CIA involvement in a plot to kill Kennedy, dalacin Joannides had the two staffers removed from their temporary office at CIA headquarters. CONTINUED... http://realhistoryarchives.blogspot.com/