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Israel Attempting to Close Schools and Orphanages Serving 7, danazol in canada000 Palestinian Children Ahmad Jaradat, danazol in canada Alternative Information Center (AIC)  Children demonstrating against the Israeli military's attempt to close schools and orphanages in Hebron, danazol in canada Palestine (photo by Ahmad Jaradat, danazol in canada AIC, danazol in canada 2008). Excerpts: "Fourteen Hebron-area schools and orphanages, danazol in canada which serve approximately 7000 Palestinian children and orphans, danazol in canada today face the threat of closure by the Israeli army, danazol in canada (cut) "the closure order violates the Fourth Geneva Convention, danazol in canada as the Convention explicitly states that an occupation authority cannot confiscate properties within occupied territories. The Islamic Charitable Society and the Muslim Youth Society provided numerous proofs of their legality. Danazol in canada All of their financial dealings and accounting are completely transparent. Danazol in canada They have contacts and relations with official organizations and banks. Danazol in canada The Islamic Charitable Society was founded in 1957 and the Muslim Youth Society in 1961, danazol in canada both well before the establishment of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). Danazol in canada Both societies always had legal permission for their buildings and their work, danazol in canada first during the Jordanian control and after under the Israeli occupation. Several protest marches took place in recent days in Hebron and the surrounding area against the confiscation order, danazol in canada augmented by support from various international organisations. Danazol in canada At this very moment (3pm local time on 7 April), danazol in canada a press conference for foreign consulate representatives, danazol in canada human rights organizations and journalists is being conducted in one of the schools under threat. Danazol in canada There is a tremendous grassroots effort to save these properties with support of the local and international media and non-government organisations. If the military confiscation and closure will be implemented, danazol in canada 7000 Palestinian students, danazol in canada aged 5 to 16, danazol in canada will have no school. Danazol in canada 4500 orphans will become homeless for the second time. Danazol in canada 5000 weakened families will go without assistance. Danazol in canada 600 workers will lose their livelihood. This situation is alarming. Danazol in canada Who can provide this assistance and shelter? The occupying forces of the Israeli military or government? The Palestinian Authority, danazol in canada which lacks money to build a state with all the necessary infrastructures? Why leave these children without homes, danazol in canada education and hope for their future? What is their crime? "Israel had the possibility to negotiate with Islamic parties and organizations, danazol in canada but they failed to do so. Danazol in canada Numerous Palestinians do not possess any possibility other than the social efforts of some Islamic groups which truly care for the social needs of the people. Danazol in canada Often time people do not have any hope other than their religion. Danazol in canada Why steal from them even their individual hopes and dreams?" More at: http://www.uruknet.de/?p=m42825&hd=&size=1&l=e