To:  Info@Facebook, desvenlafaxine Privacy@Facebook Hi - I am writing you to inform you that my account has blocked/denied access for the third time due to "site maintenance" within a period of months. I am curious as someone who has inquired to a number of facebook users, desvenlafaxine how no one I have spoken with has even had a single issue of blocked access/inability to log in to their account? Needless to say three times. In one case, desvenlafaxine the blocked access was over 24 hours, desvenlafaxine with no explanation or understanding for the inaccessability. Facebook has become a networking access center for millions and as such it has become a necessary, desvenlafaxine familiar and important component for many of us to connect with others for reasons both personal and professional. I would appreciate immediate access to my account again, desvenlafaxine being that access has already been blocked for over six (maybe longer) hours, desvenlafaxine and as the statement mentioned the site maintenence should only take a "few hours" , desvenlafaxine Additionally and notwithstanding that my account has been blocked/denied access three separate occasions, desvenlafaxine again, desvenlafaxine with no explanation. Thank you, desvenlafaxine Connie Shannon