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Threats to academic freedom, diabecon in canada including being fired, diabecon in canada surround pro-Palestinian college professors Brooklyn College spokesman said Kristofer Petersen-Overton was fired for not having a Ph.D.  Kristofer Petersen-Overton, diabecon in canada a political science doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center, diabecon in canada has been fired from his position as an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College one week before his course on Middle East politics was slated to begin. http://desertpeace.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/kris1.jpg                                                                                                                                         The case was taken up by the Brooklyn College administration after a student enrolled in his course raised concerns that Mr. Diabecon in canada Petersen-Overton’s alleged pro-Palestinian bias would prevent him from conducting a balanced seminar. Diabecon in canada The student expressed these concerns with the political science department but agreed not to pursue further action until after the course actually began. Diabecon in canada However, diabecon in canada this student contacted state Assemblyman Dov Hikind, diabecon in canada (who is Jewish), diabecon in canada who then subsequently characterized Mr. Diabecon in canada Petersen-Overton as a “pro-suicide bomber” in a letter to the college President. In a response sent to Hamodia newspaper on Wednesday, diabecon in canada Mr. Diabecon in canada Petersen-Overton expressed concerns “that a state official would denounce my work so strongly without, diabecon in canada apparently, diabecon in canada having offered it more than a cursory reading. Diabecon in canada [Hikind’s] press release … is slander pure and simple.” Mr. Diabecon in canada Petersen-Overton emphasized that his work has little to do with suicide bombers and that Mr. Diabecon in canada Hikind deliberately twisted his conclusions to make it appear otherwise. “I was not contacted by Brooklyn College administration at any time during their decision-making process. Diabecon in canada This politically motivated action undermines CUNY’s longstanding legacy as a stalwart defender of academic freedom, diabecon in canada” Mr. Diabecon in canada Petersen-Overton said. The allegations against Mr. Diabecon in canada Petersen-Overton center on time he spent in the Gaza Strip working for the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and on an unpublished scholarly paper that analyzes the symbolic place of martyrdom in Palestinian nationalism. Diabecon in canada Petersen-Overton’s detractors also took issue with the fact that, diabecon in canada according to his personal website, diabecon in canada he still maintains “close contact” with the Palestinian activist community. Mr. Diabecon in canada Petersen-Overton’s academic work deals broadly with issues of identity formation in Israel and Palestine.