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I have posted and written a number of articles regarding abuses of power and money on primarily a national and global scale. 

How do we respond when it effects us more directly - when situations impact us with our families and those around us?  Here’s an interesting perspective by Vanessa Ylegan When Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Water http://www.sinsweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/greed-von-stroheim.jpg by Vanessa Ylegan “Money has the power to destroy a nation, diabecon online review a family, diabecon online review a life. It is true that life now a days are measured by what we possess. If we have plenty of resources and money, diabecon online review people will look up to us. If we have but enough to get through the day, diabecon online review without hunger, diabecon online review people will treat us fine. But if we have nothing to the point of begging or stealing for us to be able to survive, diabecon online review people would consider us a nuisance. Some people, diabecon online review exist to accumulate all possessions they can in their entire life time. Others exist to accumulate and share the blessings with others who are in need. Sharing your blessings is very important. The fact that you’ll not be able to carry those possessions with you when you die is more than enough for you to share and enjoy these blessings while you still can. Each member in every family has different characteristics. Some children are brought up by parents in a way that when they grow up, diabecon online review they’ll care, diabecon online review support and help each other. Others are just brought up without the proper guidance of a parent/s. One of the reason why these children are not guided properly by the parents is that their parents are busy earning money to be able to provide every want and need of each family member. I agree that we should take care of our needs, diabecon online review but once we have enough, diabecon online review let us learn to give time for each other so we will have all the chances to correct/change a behavior of a child which is not desirable. In a family, diabecon online review since each member has different characteristics, diabecon online review you can’t expect everybody to agree with each other’s opinion about certain things. Some members may value his family more than material things, diabecon online review or others consider these material things more important than family. One of the major reasons of misunderstanding among family members is regarding the financial aspect, diabecon online review the division of inheritance for instance. This would always cause a fuss among family members especially if the amount involve is considerably large. Some siblings even reach to the point of killing each other because of money matters. I’ve known one person who’s parent’s died but he was not able to leave work to attend and help in the funeral process. Diabecon online review But when it is time for them to divide the properties of their parents among themselves, diabecon online review he took a week off from work. Diabecon online review I really couldn’t believe him. Diabecon online review I mean, diabecon online review we only have 1 father and mother, diabecon online review but we can always earn money in this lifetime if we will just learn to work for it. Diabecon online review This person by the way is very well off but his siblings are a bit has lower living standards than him. Diabecon online review And I can always sense that he is not in good terms with his siblings. Diabecon online review One time his niece went to the office to ask for an extra allowance and for a fare in going home. Diabecon online review It took him 3 hours before he gave the money, diabecon online review he spent the entire hour lecturing her about the financial crisis and all. Diabecon online review And you can really tell that it is not with a good heart that he gave her the money. Diabecon online review If I were him since he is the one in good financial standing he should be willing to help them. Diabecon online review What is the use of his millions when he can’t even spend a dime to help others. Family is very important. Diabecon online review We should learn to preserve it because we only have one family we can call ours. Diabecon online review Sharing your blessings with others can create an immeasurable happiness.” <a href=”http://www.helium.com/items/1454008-greed-in-family-when-blood-isnt-thicker-than-money”>http://www.helium.com/items/1454008-greed-in-family-when-blood-isnt-thicker-than-money </a>