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Family of slain lesbian soldier said she had "raised concerns" before her death   By Michael Levenson and Noah Bierman, discount glucotrol xl Boston Globe |  October 3, discount glucotrol xl 2007  Excerpts from the article: "The Defense Department says it is investigating Durkin's death, discount glucotrol xl which it described as a "non-combat-related incident." Durkin's family says Army officials have told them she was found with a single bullet in her head, discount glucotrol xl lying near the church where she worshipped on the secure Bagram Airfield. The Army has not publicly disclosed whether a weapon was found near her body. The Massachusetts National Guard initially reported that Durkin was killed in action, discount glucotrol xl though a Guard spokesman later said the term meant only that Durkin was serving in Afghanistan at the time. "When confusing information comes in, discount glucotrol xl which is contradictory, discount glucotrol xl it raises the level of anxiety during a very difficult time, discount glucotrol xl" Kerry said in an interview yesterday. Discount glucotrol xl "It's very important to know what the facts are." Canavan said yesterday that the family is trying to be patient as the Army investigates. Discount glucotrol xl An Army liaison has met with the family every day, discount glucotrol xl Canavan said. Yesterday, discount glucotrol xl the military told the family that investigators have interviewed every member of Durkin's unit "all day, discount glucotrol xl every day." Canavan expressed gratitude to Kerry, discount glucotrol xl a Vietnam veteran, discount glucotrol xl saying, discount glucotrol xl "We feel like somebody's got her back." "It's just a matter of when are you going to let us know if somebody accidentally killed her or purposefully killed her, discount glucotrol xl" Canavan said. Discount glucotrol xl "We're not letting it go. Discount glucotrol xl . Discount glucotrol xl . Discount glucotrol xl . Discount glucotrol xl We're not for one minute accepting anything at face value." Canavan said the family was wondering whether someone might have targeted Durkin because she was gay. "Ciara was a lesbian, discount glucotrol xl and that's bound to come out, discount glucotrol xl" Canavan said. Discount glucotrol xl "It is possible that someone over there found that out, discount glucotrol xl and, discount glucotrol xl you know, discount glucotrol xl maybe they were very homophobic." (snip) Her family says she admired military discipline and wanted to serve her country. Kerry said the Durkin family desperately needs answers to three questions: Why has the Army not responded to the Durkin family's request for an independent autopsy? Why, discount glucotrol xl after not responding to the family's request for an independent autopsy, discount glucotrol xl did the Army fail to contact the Durkin family with the Army's autopsy results? The family was told to be available to receive a phone call between 1 and 3 p.m. Discount glucotrol xl on Oct. Discount glucotrol xl 1, discount glucotrol xl and the Army never called. Why has the Army refused to make Durkin's will and paperwork available to her family, discount glucotrol xl so they can respect her wishes as they plan her funeral and burial? Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Withington, discount glucotrol xl a Defense Department spokesman, discount glucotrol xl said yesterday that Gates had not received Kerry's letter but that the Pentagon would respond. "We do feel there's a great lack of information but we're trying to be patient with them, discount glucotrol xl" Canavan said of the military. Discount glucotrol xl "They keep telling us they're taking time so they get it right." More at:"">